Denial Of Reality Or Complicity?


On the face of it, the denial of Islamic terrorist acts and the presence of jihadis on American soil appears to be either stupid or insane. Is it? 

Every attack by a so-called lone wolf is said to be anything but Islamic related. After 9/11, our intelligence agencies both foreign and domestic were excoriated for not "connecting the dots", not sharing information with each other, and utterly lacking the ability to foresee such an event. 

After the creation of the DHS such interactions improved.  Did that help? Yes up  to a point. We have not had another 9/11 type event on American soil. Enter  the Orwellian meme regarding "The Religion Of Peace", charges of racism, and Islamophobia became the trendy narrative of the complicit and the clueless. 

What happened? Was there a fear of backlash against peaceful Muslims living in America?  Did such Muslims rise up in unison and denounce the acts of those who "hi-jacked" their religion? Did powerful Muslims groups work behind the scenes to infiltrate the government until by the end of Obama's first term, DC was a de facto arm of the MB?

Just who does this administration answer to? The American people, or to the elites and their agenda. 

The following post from The Conservative Review raises some cogent points on the issue.

Obama and AG Lynch have created a safe space for jihadis to operate in America 

Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s latest “interfaith” outreach effort is a shining example of the alternative universe the progressives inhabit, with grave consequences for our nation.

To hear her tell it during an address delivered on December 12 at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center, America is in the throes of a dangerous anti-Islamic wave that threatens to tear the nation apart. Prefacing her remarks by noting that the present “has been a difficult time for many Muslim Americans,” Lynch delivered a speech, hewing perfectly to the Obama administration narrative on Islam.

She asserted that in the march toward perfecting an imperfect union, America still had its shortcomings, with 2015 FBI hate crime statistics showing “perhaps most troublingly of all … a 67 percent increase in hate crimes committed against Muslim Americans, and the highest total of anti-Muslim incidents since 2001, when 9/11 spurred so many reprehensible acts.”

Per usual, AG Lynch failed to note that despite this relatively drastic increase, anti-Islamic crimes accounted for 21.9 percent of the 1,402 victims of all anti-religious hate crimes — that is, just over 300 people in a country of more than 300 million. Anti-Jewish hate crimes meanwhile accounted for the majority of all anti-religious hate crimes at 52.1 percent.

The Obama administration has never made an issue of the anti-Jewish hate crimes, mind you, nor has it acknowledged just how tolerant and peaceful our nation actually is: 1,402 victims of hate crimes in a nation of more than 300 million people is a very welcome rounding error reflective of the goodness of our people.

Threatening electors violates federal law. So why isn’t Loretta Lynch doing anything about it?

Lynch noted the “flurry of recent news reports about alleged hate crimes and harassment — from hijabs yanked off of women’s heads to swastikas sprayed on the sides of synagogues to slurs and epithets hurled in classrooms,” reassuring the audience that the FBI was on the case. She ignored that in the supposed post-Trump conflagration of hate, many of these incidents have been proven to be hoaxes. There is a history of those on the Left in particular pushing a narrative about Islamophobic hate crimes, which frequently turn out to be fabrications, as CR’s own Michelle Malkin has illustrated.

[Author's note: Coincidentally, just after this story was published, one of the more egregious and widely reported such stories of a supposedly Trump-inspired anti-Islamic attack was found to be a hoax.]

None of this is to downplay Lynch’s remarks, but it’s necessary to add the context she quite tellingly left out. Such omissions show where Lynch’s priorities stand: focusing on the supposed anti-Islamic behavior of Americans over all else, including the metastasization of Islamic supremacism — as represented for example, in the ISIS investigations her FBI was conducting in all 50 states — which threatens us all.

Or are jihadist attacks not hateful and intended to undermine our fundamental rights too? Never does the Obama administration present evidence that Muslims are being killed in hate crimes in numbers anywhere near the victims of jihadist attacks in our country. Nor of course does AG Lynch talk about more taboo subjects like female genital mutilation or honor killings (which occur disproportionately in the Muslim community), the latter which yield an estimated 23-27 victims per year, more than the 18 individuals murdered in all hate crimes in 2015.

Let me restate that: There are more estimated honor killings than hate crime murders per year in America.

Next, Lynch suggested that Muslim Americans were being “targeted and demonized simply because of their faith … due to the actions of those who pervert” Islam. On what authority does Lynch get to determine what constitutes “perverting Islam?” To the best of our knowledge, she is not an expert in Islamic jurisprudence. Far more important, if jihadists say that they are acting on behalf of Allah and can cite chapter and verse in Islamic law backing their cause, does it matter what Lynch thinks represents true Islam?

The end of the Obama administration cannot come soon enough. Undoing its damage will require a sea change that begins with turning the progressive-Islamist narrative on its head.

During her address, Lynch went on to speak about the importance of protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community (rights not recognized under Islamic law), the importance of preserving the Bill of Rights and freedom generally (yet hinting she might prosecute Americans over “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric”), and the parallels between the plight of Muslims and that of slaves and other discriminated groups (in spite of the apartheid nature of the Sharia-based Islamic world under which minorities are subjugated, and slavery itself literally still exists).

It should be noted that Lynch took the stage to speak about the importance of our shared American ideals — freedom, equality and tolerance — following a welcome from Imam Mohamed Magid, the executive director of the ADAMS Center.

Imam Magid happens to be the former president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an organization founded by Muslim Brotherhood members and classified by federal prosecutors as being among the “individuals/entities who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood” during the Holy Land Foundation jihadist financing case that concluded in 2008. This was the largest terrorism financing prosecution in American history over a criminal conspiracy that resulted in the funneling of $12 million to Hamas. In particular, the government showed ISNA associated not only with the Holy Land Foundation, but also the Islamic Association for Palestine and Hamas.

One would think the nation’s chief law enforcement officer might see the irony in speaking at an Islamic center led by an imam who presided over a Muslim Brotherhood-tied organization, given that the Brotherhood seeks to supplant our system based in individual liberty and the separation of church and state with one based in the totalitarian tenets of Sharia in which mosque and state are one.

But alas, it is clear that Lynch has no such concern. For Magid is a longtime partner of the Obama administration who worked on the Countering Violent Extremism paradigm, which as we have chronicled elsewhere, has served chiefly to create a safe space for jihadis to operate — to our great detriment.

The end of the Obama administration cannot come soon enough. Undoing its damage will require a sea change that begins with turning the progressive-Islamist narrative on its head.

Go here to the original posts and to see a short video by Michelle Malkin

Source:  The Conservative Review

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