I's so easy to get disillusioned
And we've all strayed from the path
But we gather ourselves & remember the names
Of those times & memories that last

Some of us were born as wanderers
Perhaps that's where friendship begins
And a few of us still hold onto
The simple truth that will never end

We were all granted life's bounty
We were given eyes to see
We were also given touch & emotion
And for some that's enough to believe

Once a year we honor a tradition
And its one we should respect everyday
But to give oneself with no reservation
I believe that's a line from God's Play

We all have wishes and dreams we want
But what I want is only for you
May each day you find a friend & fellowship
May your heart never feel blue

Sometimes the greatest gift
Starts with a smile from a friend
It can even lead to laughter
And a feeling you never want to end

And then you'll in turn reach out
And you'll touch someone on their hand
And with a tear & a grin the shadow lifts
And loving hearts do understand

Christmas has a spirit that transcends all
And it's far more than meets the eye
And for just a moment we feel real peace
And theres no need to question why

It's a day of reflection from days gone by
And its a day that many show their love
And this faith in the family still carries on
And it was granted by the one above

I hope you find your tranquility
In every breath you take
Your dreams & prayers can be oh so real
This is yet a life, that we all make

Try not to live with old regrets
They never take us anywhere
The past, the path & the little victories
They are the moments we all share

Enjoy your day & just slow down a bit
Our tomorrows have not arrived
There is this moment to remind us all
It is still good to be alive


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