As we now stand before the river
And time and memories go downstream 
Its still nonetheless a threshold
If we only know what all of this means

All our books have many chapters
They are about people ,places & change
While one door closes we open another
And all our tomorrows are the stage

We take a chance with all our endeavors
We all choose a path of our own
And through these travels we find friendships
They keep reminding us we're not alone

And so it is tomorrow one is our number
And they'll be days we till as we sow
They'll be days with laughter as well as teardrops
And that's the way our souls grow...

So may your spirit always guide you
And may your heart be in the right place
And may your knowledge & grace show you
Enjoy the stroll, this is no race

And may this year you reap life's bounty
And with these rewards make you smile
The chances we take build foundations
But remember we are only here for awhile

Once again we try to learn & live together
While most will try, some will fail
But through these trials we gain the wisdom
And some will take water from that well

So go on your way the doors are now open
I see blue skies, the stars & the moon
And the river, well it will soon be rising
And all things will pass, far too soon

Lets all smile & laugh together
It our time & trials, so take heart
We see, we touch & some will sigh
I thing it's time this journey did start

Lets bring this year in together
We've now shared many ups & downs
Shall we write together our own song
And it is indeed our own sound

Lets prepare now for the next chapters
We know not what tomorrow will bring
We'll learn verse, time & tempo
And its high time we all learn to sing


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