Warning! America Do Not Rest, The Enemy Within Continues Its Mission

Lest the anti-Hillary electorate breathe a sigh of relief, beware. Do You Really Think It's Over.

The demonstrations, recounts, and MSM exagerated falsehoods are only attention getting diversions designed to keep the citizenry disgusted and focused on created spectacles.

Beneath the surface, the totalitarian agenda continues. 

Excerpts from the  posts below give examples of the means by which the enemy is creating discord and who is behind it. Links for the complete posts are given.

The  fourth post by Daniel Greenfield  should be read in its entirety.
Even of the reader chooses not to go to the entire text of the first three, this writer strongly urges all to completely read the fourth one. 

It is both chilling, and informative. It details exactly how Obama has formed a group Organizing For Action, and staffers will more or less be wired into "Obama Inc." This endeavor will eventually become so powerful as to become a serious threat to the American Republic.

That may very well be the true goal of his desired legacy, the creation of an America in his image. Why else is he being so gracious regarding Hillary's loss? He is not stupid and "gets" the fact that the Democrat party is in shambles. After all, he single handedly destroyed it. 
Knowledge Is Power. We the people must keep tabs on and raise awareness regarding as to what Obama is really up to

The enemy never sleeps.

1. Demonstrations by the clueless and manipulated
Black Lives Matter vows to block shoppers from white-owned businesses on Black Friday
Amber Randall, DCNFBlack Lives Matter and other groups plan to block white-owned Chicago stores on Black Friday to bring awareness about police shootings, economic issues and alleged racism.

Local churches, Black Lives Matter and the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression will block stores along Michigan Avenue and prevent customers from entering stores for the second year in a row, reports Crain’s Chicago Business.

But in Chicago, ‘Black Friday’ Protest Makes Fewer Waves This Year
The crowds were noticeably smaller.

Still, Willie Williamson, said, “We want to let people know there is some people out here who are trying to get truth and fighting for justice.”

Protesters said their continuing goal is to raise awareness about Chicago police misconduct toward minorities.

At times, there were some clashes between police and protesters. One demonstrator appeared to be detained when he ran into a Crate & Barrel store.

But mostly it remained peaceful. 

2. The Malevolent Driving Force

WARNING: The Real Power and Purpose Behind the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement
Whatever legitimacy the “Black Lives Matters” (BLM) movement may have is lost in its funding from one George Soros. Mr. Soros is the major financial source responsible for funding the leftist movement in America. (See link for list of left wing organization funded by George Soros. (http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977). These left-wing groups supported by Soros have one thing in common: to transform America.

Groups like ACORN and Occupy Wall Street are a disruptive influence in our culture and seek to divide and transform our society into a Marxist design. Linked to this disruptive scheme is Black Lives Matters through Soros support and funds.

George Soros’s funding of the BLM movement is part of an integration into a tapestry of organizations used to disrupt and weaken our society to engineer a socialistic transformation. Since the 1920s and 1930s, as presented in Harold Cruse’s book “The Crisis of The Negro Intellectual,” there has been a focused strategy by the Communist party to use the black community and the poor as a battering ram against “the system” for the purpose of fundamentally changing America into a leftist utopia. Their successful efforts in infiltrating the civil rights movement and other legitimate struggles for justice has been well-documented by many historians and scholars recording the history of the civil rights movement in America... more

3. Who is really funding this?

 Questions raised about funding of Jill Stein’s recount efforts
On Friday, Conservative Firing Line contributor David Thornton reported that efforts are underway to conduct a recount in three states won by President-elect Donald Trump. But, Zero Hedge said Friday, questions have been raised about the fundraising efforts led by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

“Just yesterday we noted that Jill Stein was acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton to raise money for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. As we noted then, we continue to be astonished by the amount of money flowing into the fundraising campaign and would love to see which of Hillary’s mega donors have spent the most on the effort…somehow we suspect this isn’t just a “grassroots organizing” effort as Stein described it,” Tyler Durden wrote, adding:

So, in less than 1 day, Jill Stein raised over $3mm, which is more than the $2mm needed to force a recount in Wisconsin. While she attributed the accomplishment to “the power of grassroots organizing,” we would tend to be a little more skeptical and would love to see exactly where those donations came from. Then again, maybe we’re wrong and there really are just that many disaffected snowflakes out there willing to blow their money on an extreme long shot.

4. And Finally, Obama's Presidency merely a means to an end?
Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House …and he might get away with it.
Barack Obama has two faces. After Trump’s victory and Hillary’s defeat, the public Obama has been gracious and diplomatic. His lectures to Trump, directly and indirectly, are couched in praise. He echoed the feeling of millions on both sides when he said, "We are now all rooting for his success”.

That’s a lie. Or rather a disguise...

In his post-election conference call with his OFA (Organizing For Action) troops, Obama told them, “I’m giving you like a week and a half to get over it”. Then it would be time to “move forward not only to protect what we’ve accomplished, but also to see this as an opportunity”. What opportunity could there be in Trump’s win?

Obama is now the only major national figure still standing among the Democrats. ..

In conventional politics, Obama is done. There’s no way back into the White House. And Hillary’s fate won’t leave much enthusiasm for nominating the uncharismatic spouse of a charismatic ex-president.

But Obama is not a conventional politician. He’s an organizer and a campaigner at the vanguard of a radical movement that seeks to control traditional institutions, but doesn’t feel bound by them. 

The demoralization of the Democrats is, as Obama put it, an opportunity. Social chaos is a time for the left to overthrow and undermine traditional institutions. Fear, anger and despair are radicalizing. ..

While the leftist rioters in the streets are garnering the most attention, the real threat comes from the network of staffers dubbed Obama Anonymous which are beginning to organize and coordinate. OFA is Obama’s equivalent of the Clinton Foundation... 

OFA will be far more dangerous in the wild than the Clinton Foundation ever was. The Clintons hoped to ride back to power on a giant wave of money. Obama is taking a much more radical course.

The staffers exiting government are being wired into Obama Inc. whether or not they take jobs directly working for him. The OFA alumni are building networks across organizations while taking their marching orders from him. They expect Obama to lead them back from the wilderness and into the halls of power.

He’s told them so.

“I'm going to be constrained in what I do with all of you until I am again a private citizen. But that's not so far off,” he assured them. “I'm still fired up and I'm still ready to go.”...

Obama isn’t going to retire. .

Obama believes that he can rule America from outside the White House. And he might be right....

Political norms and old rules have been falling faster than leaves in an autumn wind. If Obama sets out to move the center of power outside the White House and into an organization that will control national politics through the left, it would be dangerous to assume that he can’t and won’t succeed.

The Democrats didn’t respond to their defeat, one of a sequence, by trying to move to the center. Instead there is every sign that they are moving further to the left. Keith Ellison, a radical leftist with an anti-Semitic past, is tipped to head the DNC. .....

The Democrats are ceasing to be a national party... Their agenda is to move power from local areas to central ones, from the villages and the suburbs to the cities, from states to D.C. and from locally elected legislators in D.C. to the satellite bureaucracies of the Federal government.

Obama sees Hillary’s defeat as an opportunity to burn the Dem’s last bridges with the larger country and its “bitter clingers”, to double down on nationalizing power and to define the political narrative around the agendas of urban elites. The left crippled the Democrats. Now it wants to utterly consume them.....Entire article

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