The Myth of the Extreme Right Wing: Busted.

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One thing we know for sure from the results of the election: the myth of the extreme-right-wing is dead. For eight years we have been told all about the dangers of the extreme-right-wing. And yet, when you read the news after the election, you see who the extremists are. The riots and protests across the west coast and uber-liberal cities in the northeast are a testament to everything we have been saying for the last eight years about who the real extremists are. This is the extreme left wing, in all their glory.

Blinded by their rage and despair, they fail to see that this is why they lost the election. These extremists are so filled with fury, while they spit out how much we are the racists, the homophobics, the xenophobics, they don’t see the venom dripping from their own teeth. They literally are crying in anguish and misery. These people hate. They are so blinded by their view of just what idiots we all are, they actually think that we don’t know what is good for ourselves. That they know better. They have such disdain for us and such hatred for the labels they have foisted upon us. And in all that hatred, they can’t see why, why it cost them the election.

After Obama was elected, you did not see the extreme, hateful, racist right wing go protesting in the streets and contesting the election. That’s not taking away some bitter emotion that conservatives felt, either. But we put on our big kid pants and moved on with it. Because that’s how it’s supposed to go. And all through his administration, we were not allowed to criticize any of his policies because we were painted as racists. We are still painted as racists.

When Hillary was on the campaign trail and called us a basket of deplorables, the left thought how witty and true it was. They envisioned all those moron hick Trump voters. In all their hubris, calling us racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it, the Hillary supporters actually thought they had this in the bag. They feel entitled to the presidency so much that there is actually a petition for the electorate to ignore its job, and vote Hillary to be president anyway. This, you know, despite that Hillary has congratulated Donald and is not and will not be contesting anything.

Liberals seethe in their hatred. I am told how I am so stupid and I don’t care about my own body, let alone other women. And shame on me, with my daughter I don’t care about. Trump is Hitler, don’t you know. And we are all a bunch of blooming idiots. For the last eight years the left has told us how much we are horrible, deplorable people, and how offensive we are to civilized society. From Obama on down, castigating half of America, like he is our daddy and we deserve to be so reprimanded. We are bad children, who, again, are too stupid to know what is good for us. They don’t even see their hatred. They think they are doing us a favor by being smarter and acting on our behalf. They cannot get out of their own way, they are so full of themselves and their own notions of being right. They even fake hate crimes to pin on the right wing, desperate to prove how hateful we are. The hypocrisy and irony knows no bounds.

I have compared it to an abusive relationship. Imagine for a minute, you have been seeing someone for the last eight years who thinks of you so negatively. This person tells you how stupid you are, how you don’t know what’s good for you. This person tells you that you are hateful, deplorable, irredeemable. This person also tells other people bad things about you, which isolates you and makes you feel worse. (And you should, you piece of garbage, right wing extremist.) Now, imagine that you have just had your fill. No more are you going to give this person the power to treat you this way. You have your opportunity to get out and you take it. The abuser never gets it right away. They fight, and rationalize their behavior as if they haven’t committed any offenses and don’t understand why you want to leave. But it’s time to go. No more. And now we see the abusers lashing out, feeling justified in their treatment of others. They are convinced that we are completely brainless and stupid.
Hillary Clinton was ready to carry on all of those political abuses that Obama helped heap upon regular, ordinary American people. Obama, the media, and the extreme left wing. But the American people have had enough of the abuse. We aren’t racists. We aren’t homophobics. We aren’t any of these things. We just rejected their uber-liberal, extreme progressive policies that include demonizing those that disagree with them. Why would America elect someone to govern over them who hates with such ferocity?

Yet still the extreme left wing has doubled down with their toxic hatred. There’s this terrible piece floating around about, “Well, what do we tell our children?” I have seen Facebook posts about how people’s children are upset about Trump winning, and all I can think of is how it is proof of just how sick they are, how they truly have issues. Young children who are scared of Trump are that way because their parents have intentionally frightened them. What on earth have these parents said that now they need to go comfort them, and give them a talk about what it’s going to be like to live under someone who is such a racist fascist? How psychologically abusive is that? These children do not understand adult issues, and it is no more appropriate to involve children in the troubles of the world and in US Politics, than it would be to discuss the details of a divorce. Do you want to talk to your 12 year old about contesting credit card debt because daddy used it to buy gifts for that “skank” he was sleeping with behind mommy’s back? No. That’s not okay. And neither is involving them in issues like the election to the point that they’re actually scared of the new President Elect.

Are. You  Kidding. Me. This is extreme. They are raising their children to hate us and believe that we are bad.

These extreme left thinkers need to stop it already. They are blinded in their own convictions of how right they are about those who don’t think like them and about the direction our country should go. We have had our character ripped to shreds, we have had our intentions thrown in our faces and told what we really think. We have been belittled and besmirched, and after being the epitome of sore losers, they amp up their rage. The left has had their shot at Hope and Change, and the country is worse off in many ways. We decided we didn’t like what yet another corrupt politician was promising to bring us. It’s not because we are stupid that we rejected Hillary and her laundry list of corruption.
Many on the left are also so handicapped by their own egos that they fail to recognize that they have failed to capitalize on identity politics. Hillary could not hold the black vote, the Latino vote, the female vote, or the Millennial vote. Trump captured it all. If that’s not proof of a lack of racism, I don’t know what is. All they have to hold onto is their supposed base of college educated voters. But those expensive degrees couldn’t land them the election. In all their smarts, they fail to grasp that they even have such shortcomings.

Many conservatives are weary of Donald Trump because he’s not really conservative, and I think many on the left will find him to not be so unfathomable. Some of his policies make me nervous. He may turn out to be a complete mess. But Trump represents more than just his outlandish ways and deserves better than the false accusations heaped upon him by people in the left, some of whom were paid great sums of money for it. Trump represents a true change, and it remains to be seen how he will shape policies for our country. The Clinton Dynasty cannot and could never be held accountable. The only way to see real change is to really change it. The left has had their chance and they beat up half the country for almost a decade.

But in the meantime, we can finally put to bed the myth of the extreme-right-wing. The Mainstream media can no longer get away with editing soundbites to make us sound like idiots and racists. The MSM better watch their collective butts, because the majority of America flat out doesn’t trust or believe them to be accurate anymore, because of their joint abandonment of actual journalistic principles, and unofficial organization as a PAC. We all know who the extremists are now. The rest of the left needs to distance themselves from it and disavow it. And come to terms: The left lost the election. They lost the battle of ideas. Theirs is not the direction in which the country wants to be headed. And there are many reasons why, including their bullying of half the country. The day before the election, liberals posted memes and statements about the need to heal as a country. It’s now time they heed their own advice.

Source: Western Free Press

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