In Case You Missed This: Wikileaks Exposes Hillary as a Member of This SECRET Society

If one takes the King's schilling, one does the King's bidding. Hillary and Bill have been doing precisely just that for decades. They have been faithful knights to the globalist Crown and its lords for decades.

The Clintons have been well rewarded for their service. The Lords are now not only funding Hillary's campaign in return for her vowed pledge to their agenda, but have been enriching this couple's entire lifestyle as well. Through the years, they made fertile a plot of land (The Clinton Foundation) allotted this pair as a reward for their continued loyalty and service to the to the Crown

Both she and Bill have sold their souls and America nation completely out.

Wikileaks Exposes Hillary as a Member of This SECRET Society
By Derrick Wilburn

During the second debate, Hillary Clinton was asked about comments made while speaking to wealthy bank executives (aka: campaign donors) wherein she admitted to having both “public and a private” positions. Then in truly a remarkable moment, Mrs. Clinton proceeded to blame the whole thing on Abe Lincoln.

Thanks, once again, to WikiLeaks, we’ve learned about another of Clinton’s two-faced positions.

Donald Trump has relentlessly attacked Clinton as being in favor of open borders, something Clinton denies, as it’s a massively unpopular position that would cost her voters. But, oh those pesky WikiLeaks… 

Last week WikiLeaks released transcripts of Hillary’s paid speeches, and we now know that her private position is very different than her public one. When speaking to fellow wealthy globalists, when she thinks she is beyond public earshot, Hillary made it clear that she’s in favor of open borders, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future…”

Every now and then the left slips up in this manner and reveals who they really are. Earlier this summer while speaking at commencement ceremonies at Northeastern University John Kerry did the same when he told the soon-to-be graduates that the world is on its way to becoming “borderless.”

“Open borders.” It’s a term often thrown around but one that few may truly grasp. What does “open borders” really mean?

Barack Obama, John Kerry, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the progressive globalist leaders are a part of the open borders movement or open borders society. It’s a shadowy movement and something we should all be both aware and thoroughly wary of.

Proponents of open borders take ‘there are no lines’ literally. When you look at a map or a globe, there are lines which depict borders of where one nation ends and another begins. In reality, of course, those lines do not exist.

Open borders proponents believe if a person wants to live here there or wherever it should be completely up to the individual and nations should have no say in the matter. They believe immigration is a right and human migration should be just like animal migration — unfettered, unchecked and mostly, if not completely, unregulated. Anyone should be able to migrate any place any time they choose without check, restraint or even monitoring.

The open borders society is very real. They have their own foundations, lobby, websites and blogs; they even hold conventions and symposiums just like most special interest groups do. Their philosophy is that there are no lines; if you want to walk out of Mexico and into America to live who is the U.S. government to stop you? Or any other nation, bordered or not.

It’s a big idea, but there are problems.

Many of the people who want to come live in the United States cannot afford it. Many are destitute and reside in the nations of Central or South America. They would love to be in the USA and enjoy the standard of living here. The question is, “How do we get there and who’s going to pay for it and pay to support us once we arrive?”

Mr. and Mrs. Taxpaying American Citizen, guess what the answer to those questions is.

An open borders world is what powerful globalist members of the open borders society like Barack Obama are hard at work doing via things like the Dream Act executive order, massive Syrian refugee relocations, establishment of “Family Reunification Centers”, etc.

Implementation of a borderless world is happening in our hemisphere in a very methodical, intentional progression in pre-programmed, incremental steps. In the minds of the globalists like Hillary Clinton, issues of safety, national security, national debt resulting from stress on our welfare programs, U.S. citizen’s loss of jobs to migrant workers, importation of disease and other such common sense concerns are nary worth thinking about, let alone planning for.

Hillary is done in by her own words – read them carefully, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders…”

Her dream, your nightmare.

Source:  The Federalist Papers Project

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