A Most Dangerous Alliance: The Totalitarians And The Unhinged

Unfortunately, there appears to be an endless supply of useful idiots available for elitist manipulation and exploitation. The true believers serve the agenda well without fully realizing what they are aiding and abetting. Should they become aware, and disagree with the growing anarchy and violence, they are either excoriated, or, depending upon the nature of the body politic at the time, executed.

For the sociopaths, psychopaths, and sadists, such "protests" and the ever growing violence is a heaven sent opportunity for them to exercise their "talents". They are the true foot soldiers of any "movement" to disrupt and/or to bring down an existing political/cultural structure.

Below are several such examples of the post 2016 presidential election. The elites have been seriously challenged and possibly wounded a bit. However, they are most definitely not down.

They are already at work by funding riots and supporting "cryins" to regain their footing. They have many of the unhinged willing to serve the "cause".

Billionaire Bloodsucker George Soros Meets With Top Democrats to Plot Counterrevolution
Billionaire oligarch George Soros may have pissed away millions of dollars on the now defeated Clinton restoration but he isn’t about to stop writing checks. With his organized racist mobs currently taking to the streets to spread anarchy in opposition of President-elect Donald Trump, the blood-sucking Hungarian ghoul has convened a secret session with infuriated Democrats who are looking for payback against the legitimately elected president.

According to Politico “Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power'”:

George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump. More

 For the left, sheer hatred has now been accepted as the new normal .
Liberals Democrats: Vicious, Violent, Anti-Democratic
Across the country, Democrats disappointed at losing the presidential election are rioting, burning American flags, throwing Molotov cocktails at police officers, hurling bricks through windows, setting fires in urban streets, and attacking random passers-by. We wrote about the riots and posted photos here. Much more could be added in the three days that have gone by since that post. The photos could be multiplied endlessly....

Across America, vicious assaults have been carried out against Donald Trump voters. This one, in Chicago, was probably the worst. The Trump voter was beaten and kicked to within an inch of his life. ...

With this outrageous conduct by Democrats taking place, one might think that leaders of the Democratic Party would be scurrying to disavow their supporters’ violence. But that isn’t happening. Are you aware of a single prominent Democrat who has repudiated the Democratic Party riots going on across the country? I am not. Or who has tried to distance his party from vicious, felonious assaults like the one in the video above? I am not aware of any Democrat who has condemned the life-threatening beating of a random Trump voter in Chicago. As best I can tell, leading Democrats think this sort of Brownshirt behavior is just fine. For more text and photos, go here

The death of the truth and the rise of hysteria and propaganda:
We Must Fight Trump, a ‘Klan-Backed Misogynist Internet Troll’
For the season finale of ‘Last Week Tonight,’ the comedian broke down why we must ‘stay here and fight’ against President-elect Trump, who is ‘not normal.’

John Oliver, like most liberal comedians, did his damnedest to prevent Donald Trump and Mike Pence from reaching the White House. He tore apart the former reality-show host for bragging about sexually assaulting women, explained how his scandals were far worse than Hillary Clinton’s, and even offered up his Emmy to Trump if he’d deliver a concession speech and ensure a peaceful transfer of power upon losing.

Well, Trump managed the unthinkable: He won. He is now the president-elect. And Oliver, like more than half of Americans who cast their ballot, is shocked and terrified. “It’s true! That happened!” he exclaimed. “It turns out, instead of showing our daughters that they could someday be president, America proved that no grandpa is too racist to become leader of the free world. More hysteria here

Film/report only what we tell you to.
Student reporter gets a not-so-subtle threat: ‘STOP FILMING’ anti-Trump protests
Portland State University’s student media are covering the riots against President-elect Donald Trump in their city, and someone apparently doesn’t want the attention.

Mike Bivins, who writes for the Pacific Sentinel campus magazine and has been on a tear with video from the protests, got a threatening letter that ended:


His colleague at the Vanguard student paper, Andy Ngo, posted the flyer that Bivins received. It pretty baldly demands that student journalists stop reporting – which might incidentally help police identify suspects – and start advocating for the protesters’ causes.

Media colleague @itsmikebivins warned not to record violent anti-Trump protests. At least 1 media crew attacked last night #PortlandProtest pic.twitter.com/fVKgaLHKO5

These are the people decrying the war on women?
Protesters Call For Raping The First Lady
Outside Trump Tower this weekend, a protestor held up a sign encouraging people to rape the future First Lady of the United States. Protestors claim they are protesting Donald Trump’s behavior and words, not his election. But if that is the case, chants of “he’s not my President,” “end the Electoral College,” “Dump Trump,” “Less Votes ≠ President,” and this attack on Mrs. Trump have no place.

Had such a sign appeared when Barack Obama was elected, or had it appeared at any tea party rally, the entirety of the conservative movement would have been indicted by the American media complex. The acts of some Trump supporters, in fact, got the entirety of his supporters labeled “deplorables” by Hillary Clinton.

Already, less than a week removed from the election, we see the media has learned nothing. They have blanketly condemned Trump supporters based on the acts of some, but they have refused to cover the violence advocated by anti-Trump protestors after the election.
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This is the next generation we expect to lead this nation?
Precious Snowflakes Flood Suicide Hotlines After Trump Win
In more news of the ongoing liberal meltdown after Donald Trump’s unexpected horsewhipping of Hillary Clinton it is being reported that suicide hotlines have been ringing off the hook. Months of fear-mongering by Democrats and their media surrogates over what the “new Hitler” would do if elected instilled a deep seated Trumpophobia in fertile but feeble minds and the snowflakes are freaking out now that their worst fears have become reality.

According to The Hill “Suicide hotlines receive record number of calls after Trump win”:

Phones have been ringing off the hook at suicide hotlines since Donald Trump was named president-elect Tuesday.

According to multiple reports, many of those calling or texting into hotlines are members of the LGBTQ community, minorities and victims of sexual assault who are worried about Trump’s victory.

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline told “The Washington Post” it is seeing calls “unmatched in the hotline’s history,” with a response unlike that in 2008 or 2012.
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