by Robby Bowling


We now live ,well maybe EXIST is a better word, where the "Rhetorical " use of the term ,"TRUTH" has no meaning whatsoever....Its just a "Game Of Lie's & Liars".....Apparently the Only SKILL needed to survive in today's AMERICA is your ability to LIE.....We are now a world full of Fake or False Narratives, Fake or False  Resumes, Fake or False  Existences, Fake or False  Beliefs, Fake or False  Solutions, Fake or False Problems,Fake or False Dreams,  Fake or False Faith, Fake or False Friendships, Fake or False Victories BUT APPARENTLY we are full of Self-Serving Delusions...that take us where? ANSWER: Nowhere!

"Once Upon A Time", some of us realized that Television, like Movies, like the Theater, was Scripted Fiction....Even books considered to be "Autobiography's" are full of Hyperbole's that imply things that may not be so....And "Once Upon A Time", we were diligent & knowledgeable enough to know that...You know it's the old "take it with a grain of salt" thing.....Well those day's are DEAD & GONE...

.It's not that we've become Apathetic, which we have, but we are Mentally LAZY...We apparently aren't even Curious about things anymore....We eat meals prepared for us...In growing numbers people don't WORK they live off of Government Welfare....It's not so much that they can't work, they have no MOTIVATION to do so...So Why Bother? We have an Government run Education that now REWARDS the STUPID the same way Brilliance used to be rewarded....We have no understanding of what the words VALUE or QUALITY actually mean....We buy things on an impulse, that are Cheap & Throw them away, when were done with them.....We do the same with Friendships , I am ashamed to say....Doesn't or shouldn't  that SPEAK Volumes as to WHO we really are?

I think the Majority of today's American's have no clue about, Who they are, Where they are going, Where they've been & what it TAKES to survive in AMERICA, without Government Aid & Supervision....Wouldn't you think a Government has Better things to do? Wouldn't you think they'd want a independent, yet thoughtful Culture that could deal with the SMALL ISSUES of Daily Life while they (the Government) slays Dragons & puts out Fires? Why did we Sacrifice Intelligence for Ignorance? What was the Benefit? Or should I say, Who is it that Benefited?  

I was born after WORLD WAR II, I remember hearing the stories about the War from my family & their Friends who served in that War....Many of the Stories centered around the Horrors of War & the Bravery of those who fought in that WAR.....Even as a Child I would Wonder & Ponder the Age Old Question; WHY? What is it that makes some people want to hurt everyone? What is it that makes  them want EVERYTHING? What is it that makes want to CONTROL everything? Who was Hitler, Stalin & Mussolini? Why did they want all that Power? Why did they want to Act  Like GODS & Punish or Reward as they pleased.....And how was it they came into all that POWER ?

I know this is simplistic but, isn't society like a piece of Fabric ? The Fabric is only as good as its THREADS....The stronger the Thread the better the Fabric? If you use a Cheap imitation it will be WORTHLESS....If you use Silk it may well be Priceless....And it also takes a Craftsman, a Taylor to make that Suit or Dress....The Same applies to a "Society" or it should....

Isn't there something missing here? I think so...What is it that the Inhabitants of this World & specifically America not seeing?  Or is it that some see & do nothing ? And if that's the case ,Why ? The same Conditions that gave Rise to HITLER-LIKE NAZI Governments still exist today....In fact the same Conspiracy Of Evils survived....They only went into hiding for awhile....They Multiplied their numbers...they one by one recruited & they Indoctrinated....

The People thy call the "Greatest Generation" would be ashamed of the AMERICA , that we exist in....They would have called OBAMA what he really is, a Tyrant,a Communist, a Muslim & UNFIT to hold office....The Same would be said of HILLARY CLINTON....She's only in it for the MONEY & the POWER......They would have EXILED the their Puppet Master GEORGE SOROS back to the HELL he came From....And as far as it Goes, MUSLIMS would either assimilate or Get the Hell out of here....PERIOD....

 Many people ask this question again & again, "is America on the right or wrong track?" I don't even know if we are on a track., anymore...We seem to have fallen into a Chasm or Deep Abyss & and returning?...well I'm going to stay out of that one....The corruption is pervasive & everywhere? Honestly How do you FIX a broken Society who either doesn't know it's dying a slow death or doesn't care....How do you or can you Fix a Government where EVERY MEMBER Is CORRUPT ? Yes I know some are culpable than others....There is No Political Will to do this, nor is there any PUBLIC Pressure to do so...And the very few of us that do, well we are running out of time.....

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