The Destruction Of America Via WH Sanctioning Of Unlawful/Unethical Behavior

The lawlessness of this president has been breathtaking. The drive to weaken the power of the states and known attempts to ham handedly nationalize local law enforcement is a threat to be reckoned with.

He has set a clear criterion for winning any undertaking at all costs. The weapons of choice, possibly threatening, vilification and outright lying.

The FBI/DOJ collusion over Hillary's email habits are well known, but they are not the only instances of the lawless and ethical collapse that has, on so many fronts, so pervaded our culture. 
This post contains excerpts from several sources. It may be a bit long, but it contains information that American citizens need to know.

The latest dictatorial move is the attempt to nationalize elections.
The Department of Homeland Security is considering a declaration about the upcoming election that would give the government that brought us Obamacare and the IRS scandal targeting conservatives full control over our elections by nationalizing the process.

Using the catch-all phrase “critical infrastructure,” DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson wants the Feds to seize control of our elections. Seriously?

“We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is political infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid. There’s a vital national interest in our process, so I do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others as critical infrastructure.”
"Well, Mr. Johnson, as long as you’re going to be careful as you consider destroying the constitutionally protected right of the states to determine elections, then I guess it will be alright. What could possibly go wrong?"

Given the track record of this administration's adherence to the law of the land, the only thing the average citizen would expect to come from such a move is the insurance of a fraudulent and stolen election. 

Convicted felons contributed to the Clinton Foundation--MSM silent   
"The Clinton Foundation has been under scrutiny during the presidential campaign for allegations that the Clintons have personal profited from the charity and that many prominent donors, particularly foreigners, have given millions of dollars with the expectation it would provide access to the secretary of state.

A list that has been largely ignored by establishment media is the remarkable number of foreign millionaire and billionaire donors to the Clinton Foundation who have been convicted of crimes.

At least five individuals are on the list, including several the Clintons treated as international celebrities at various Clinton Global Initiative annual meetings, even after their criminal convictions.

Some have been convicted of crimes in the United States and are currently serving sentences in federal prisons.

It raises the question of whether or not Hillary Clinton, should she be elected president, would pardon the donors. Or, would President Obama pardon them before he leaves office to spare Clinton the embarrassment?" More

Now more than ever, Bill and Hill are “Partners in Crime.” Jerome Corsi reveals “The Clintons’ scheme to monetize the White House for personal profit.” 
 "In "Partners in Crime," two-time No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi presents the detailed research and expert testimony proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Clinton Foundation is “a vast, criminal conspiracy,” also described in these pages as “a slush fund for grifters.”

Corsi exposes how the Clintons amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in personal net worth, while building a $2 billion empire in the Clinton Foundation. The victims are countless thousands of honest people who contributed their hard-earned money to what they thought were philanthropic causes. The sordid tale involves suspicion of Enron-like fraudulent accounting practices by none less than PricewaterhouseCoopers, a “Big Four” firm, as well as the several “shell corporations” and “pass-through” bank accounts Bill Clinton has established in secret to hide what amount to kickbacks from Clinton Foundation donors and sponsors."  More

The IRS, no less appears to be violating ethics to say the least and perhaps the law as well. The following should make a law abiding taxpayer's blood boil.

"1.1 Million Social Security numbers have been stolen and used by illegal workers.

The IRS knew about this over 5 years ago, but failed to notify any of the victims of their identity theft. 

Right now, the IRS has no program in place to prevent this kind of identity theft or any program to even notify the victims. 

The IRS has also stated that their goal is to collect taxes (even from illegal workers) and not to enforce immigration laws.

Over one million Social Security numbers have been stolen and used by illegal immigrants in the United States and the IRS knew about it five years ago. They just didn’t bother to tell anyone.

The inspector general looking into the IRS discovered that the agency’s own investigators had discovered the problem over five years ago, but the agency had failed to notify the victims or attempt to fix the problem.

“Taxpayers identified as victims of employment-related identity theft are not notified,” the inspector general said.

The IRS did have a pilot program in place to notify those that had had their identity’s stolen, but they quickly scrapped the project after telling just 25,000 people out of the 1.1 million that they were victims between 2011 and 2015.

Instead, the IRS has chosen a different route. They issue Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to illegal workers who aren’t eligible for their own social security number. This ensures that even though they are illegally working, they still pay their taxes. The IRS then finds out the SSN has been stolen when it shows up with one of the numbers during tax season.

However, the IRS doesn’t seem to care as long as they get their money. In fact, they have even stated that their role is not enforcing immigration, but instead collecting taxes, even from illegal workers." More

The MSM lied, Trump did NOT mock a disabled reporter
"Just when you think the media could not possibly become more loathsome, the Fourth Estate bullies prove you wrong again. The Washington Post’s latest ugliness was to exploit the disability of a newspaper reporter in order to smear the Republican nominee for president. Then – and this is the least surprising part of the story – the Post lied about it.

Other than the subject of that paragraph – which I slyly switched from Trump to the media – that is an exact paraphrase of the Post’s opening lines from an editorial hawking the media’s most successful lie about Donald Trump: that he mocked a man for being disabled.

I have a chapter on that lie in my new book, “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” It was perfectly obvious that Trump was not mimicking any disability that Serge Kovaleski has, but I didn’t have the smoking gun to prove that the media were lying and knew they were lying. Now we have it.

A group called Catholics 4 Trump has posted a video clip of another part of that same speech, in which Trump imitates a flustered general. Guess what? He does the exact same arm flailing.

In another speech, Trump pretended to be a timorous Ted Cruz. Again, he does the exact same arm flailing." More Here with video proof.

The Soros lapdog MSM strategy seems to be to defeat Trump by smearing his supporters. Here are examples of MSN chicanery designed to promote hate.
 "It is no secret that the mainstream media has decided that the threat presented by a possible Donald Trump presidency is so grave that it has suspended even the illusion of objectivity. Writing in The New York Times, media columnist Jim Rutenberg granted permission to his fellow journalists “to throw out the textbook American journalism has been using for the better part of the past half-century, if not longer, and approach it in a way you’ve never approached anything in your career.”

The Observer and others have detailed the ways in which traditional media companies and even tech companies have colluded to maximize negative coverage of Trump and minimize negative coverage of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. But it doesn’t end there. As Rutenberg described, many journalists feel the need to “move closer than you’ve ever been to being oppositional.”

That opposition has extended into new and uncharted territory. In the coordinated effort to stop a dangerous candidate from obtaining, to use Rutenberg’s breathless description of the stakes, “control of the United States nuclear codes,” the mainstream media has taken not just to bashing Trump but to extracting a price even from those who support him. There are a hundred examples, but here are just a few headlines that tell the story:"

Here is an excellent 6 minute video by Bill Whittle in which he gives the accurate statistics regarding the lies behind the Soros funded BLM hate group.

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