Those who make the claim they are our Defenders are actually Pretenders
Those very same people (if you can call them that ) are our real enemies..
We are actually our own Worst Enemy by allowing this...
This Government's program "War On Poverty" was about Controlling the Poor People, not helping them..
Government Healthcare is not about QUALITY or FAIRNESS, it's about Controlling
Government controlled "Public Education" has nothing to do with KNOWLEDGE...
Public Education is about Behavior & Programming the mind...not lifting it...
A Real Leader INSPIRES through their visions & Actions...not hollow empty words
Government Controlled TELEVISION is not about Entertainment (It might be for them)

Can you tell me ONE THING this Government (Washington DC) has got right since WORLD WAR II ?
Do they even have a plan to Help the People ?
Or is their only plan to HELP THEMSELVES by selling Divide & Hate with every breath.?
What has the Government done to EARN Your TRUST?
This Government acts as if it was Your only Guardian Angle, are they really?
They act as if they were GODS & MESSIAHS are they?
They act as if they Own you , well do they?
Have they BRIBED you to buy your Silence & Complicity?
And with others have they EXTORTED & Threatened to get the same results ?
In terms of " Human Dignity" are we REALLY any better than Generations Long Gone from this world?
Isn't SUFFERING worse & More Widespread more than ever?
Do we even have the Capacity to really LEARN ?
If that were so Why is it are we Shielded from the TRUTH?
Things like Love, Kindness,Respect &  Honor  are EARNED, not just given just because....
Respecting those you Love & Care for is not the same as Respecting your Enemy ....

I will try to keep this really simple , there is a Special Gift in those who Give.....The Blessing one can receive are not Monetary,they are not things like Money, Cars, Homes or other Earthly Possessions.....Ask yourself this , are the So-Called Leaders in Washington GIVERS? Aren't they Really just TAKERS, Frauds, Con, Charlatans & BAD ACTORS in a Bad Play, with a Predictable Script that has ONLY one FINAL SCENE written , THEY WIN & WE LOSE....We really don't even Fight anymore...Otherwise we would REALIZE thousands or MUSLIM REFUGEES (PLANTS) that will eventually turn into a Predictable cancer & Kill us & this Dying Culture...Charity this is NOT nor was it ever....The Same can be Said about OPEN BORDERS......It's not about being inclusive or Spreading Wealth or Knowledge....It about Destruction , the Destruction of America, Freedom & our Dreams...What needs to be Destroyed is this GOVERNMENT....100% of it... 
The STALEMATE is we will do nothing, we will comply, yea we will bitch about it , so what else is new...A nation full of Cowards will destroy itself, VICARIOUSLY...It seems we forgot what Life was supposed to be about....LOVE & FAMILY, This government will only allow EXISTENCE with a a PERMIT.....& All your Wealth... 

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