Just because you hear or see something in print from the Mainstream Media & their Employers this GOVERNMENT....that doesn't make it the Factual or Truthful....Even if it FITS your Ideas or Narratives, that still doesn't make it the TRUTH.....We in fact may not be getting the TRUTH about anything...In fact I'd bet my life on it ....Really now these Partisan Phony Hacks are nothing but "STORY TELLERS'" or Glorified LIARS .....But the telling part is this...when the Foul-Mouthed Liars say something you DISAGREE with , you push it away, but when the SAME Paid Professional Liar says something you agree with.....well you run with it like it was a Parable, a Scripture from the BIBLE.... I'm sorry, but shouldn't we be Smarter than that, shouldn't we Ask Questions & shouldn't we DEMAND real Answers, real Proof that Create real Solutions ?

I for one am more than Disenchanted with the People I see in this World that Try to control every single thing you do in this life.....The TRUTH can only be that we allow Parasites that are nothing more than  Pretentious Cons or thieves to rule ....In other Words they don't KNOW anything.....But how to Steal or Lie to Survive.....Or could it be that they are REALLY that Stupid & Inept....Think about it , What have they Done to MAKE your life Better, Fuller, Richer & Fulfilling.....And unless you are one of the FEW than Benefit from the CON GAME the only answer can be; "not one damn thing"

If we Know these things to be True or often True, why do we ALLOW it ? Are you afraid to take your Next Breath, Next Step ? Are you Afraid of FAILURE.? It seems to me we are already FAILING, badly...Have we all been Battered, Beat up & Bruised to the point we FEAR Everything...AMERICA, this experiment is FAILING because we are ALLOWING it to fail....Because of FEAR.....We Fear making our Own Decisions, yet we Fear those & PRETEND to Trust those who DECIDE Everything.....We apparently are too Fearful or Stupid to even come up with a PLAN B or different Fail Safe Positions.....I guess or perhaps we can only conclude we Feared Failure so much, we Failed, anyway....we didn't act, we had or have no Faith, in ourselves or or So-Called FAUX Leaders....We didn't learn., we apparently don't listen, don't apply, don't reason we LEAVE it all up to those who can ether Do No Better or they will take advantage of you , your Fears & your Ignorance....

There are Times (today is one) when I look at Washington DC & my only conclusion is we are HELL BENT on Destroying ourselves ....Too Few people Really Care & they honestly can't carry the almost possible Heavy Load  for the Pathetic Parasites in this Decaying, dying & soon to be Extinct AMERICA.....I assure you , that you will NOT like what's coming at us a the Speed Of Light....And for all of those that are either in Denial or don't give a Damn, go ahead continue to NUMB yourself with Drugs, Booze, Degenerate Narcissistic Behaviors or whatever....Because in the END you did as MUCH to Destroy AMERICA as the Crooks, False Gods & Messiahs did...Better yet why didn't you just go blow your Brains out....or gave nothing...existing is not LIVING...You're Brain-Dead already... 

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