Daily Bits...Check out your Reps:This Month York County,Pa 8/4/16

Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Summer 2016 

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Monthly Bits August 2016:
 Check out your Reps: 

Today I thought I would give the monthly Bits honor to Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania:
I called and a very pleasant voice from his secretary answered. I told her I’m from Delta, PA and I’m doing a monthly newsletter on our Representatives. I let her know I realize I am not the only one on “Check out your Reps” and I suppose it is going on all over the nation. I am doing it for the “Observer Blog: and last few months we have honored Rep Stan Saylor and we attended a very moving Flag Ceremony at Fairmount Park in Red Lion.

I asked her if she could please give out a little information of the August events. She said the House will not be available till after labor day. I asked her when did they leave for vacation? She said no, it is not a vacation but a recess. So I asked her if they could be called back anytime in between mid July and Labor Day. She said, “Not that I am aware of.” Sorry folks but that’s all I have for PA till after Labor Day. If you wish to contact his office as I did I’m sure there will be someone to answer. I was impressed because it was not a recording. Scott Perry’s office number is 202 225 5836. I will be back after Labor Day with more about Scott Perry and what he is doing for the people of PA. I must say I was impressed when he stood against John Kerry on the Iran Deal.

Pearl Leona Sturgis

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