America Is Helpless Against Cyber-Terrorism

This is serious. For registered voters living in Arizona or Illinois, there is a strong possibility that they may have been compromised. The FBI is looking into whether or not  other states may have been attacked as well.

These infiltrations can have many intents--identity theft, harassment, voter fraud, etc.

One need not be a blogger, columnist, or known activist on the Internet to be in the cross hairs of cyber crime.

In this day and age, anyone one who breathes, is a target one way or another.

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigations has found breaches to the voter registration databases in Arizona and Illinois.
  • These databases contain voter’s information, such as names, home addresses, driver’s license or identification numbers, and party affiliations.
  • The FBI is looking into other states as well to see if they have been compromised. 
  • Officials have also warned that this may have just been a warmup and could signal a much larger hack in our nation’s future.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations reported that they found breaches in the voter registration databases of two states, Arizona and Illinois, and is strongly urging the states to increase their cybersecurity ahead of the November presidential election.

The FBI didn’t say exactly what was taken, but that it appeared to be the personal information of registered voters. Voters tend to give their names, home addresses, driver’s license or identification numbers, and party affiliations when they register to vote. This is the information that the FBI believes was targeted and stolen.

The FBI did not think that the vote itself had been tampered with, but of course, this is a possibility with voting machines that they are always aware of.

Without giving away much information, the Bureau did say that they were looking into the possibility that other states had also been compromised or targeted.

Over the past couple of years, our intelligence agencies have become increasingly worried about our weaknesses to cyber attacks, particularly from countries like China and Russia. After all, Russia is now believed to be behind the stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee as well as one of their hackers stealing all of Hillary Clinton’s emails off of her private server. Cyber security experts have even accused the hackers of working within the Russian government, an accusation that the Kremlin denies.

These attacks are coming with more frequency and they are quickly becoming the new normal for information leaks.

This all comes at the same time that Donald Trump has accused the system of being rigged. From the leaked DNC emails, we get a clear picture of how Hillary warped the political landscape to secure her lead in the primary over Bernie Sanders. 

The information stolen out of the registries could be used to target voters directly and secretly, take away their anonymity of how they voted, or even change the voting numbers directly. This is without a doubt a huge liability for our political freedom. 

Officials have also warned that the attacks in Illinois and Arizona could have been exploratory in nature and signal a much larger cyber attack the future.

Source: Absolute Rights

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