Food For Thought: The American Electorate Recognizing Some Very Uncomfortable Truths…

Trump is rattling some very heavy cages. The Never Trump movement has seduced many with a veil of lies. "The Powers That Be" are desperate. They will do any and everything possible to derail his nomination at the convention. Should they fail there, they will attempt to excoriate him in the general election with the aid of the Soros dominated MSM.

They did not get their man for the GOP nomination; thus, Hillary MUST win! She is a fellow Elitist. She their only hope to be able to continue retaining their strangle hold on their financial/political power while  operating behind the curtain. They cannot afford to have it drawn back and ripped down.

Whether you have historically found yourself aligning with the traditional political left (Democrats) or the traditional political right (Republicans), it really matters not. In the next several months we are about to see some very uncomfortable truths.

To our friends from the “Conservative Right”, we simply share a message: if we thought candidate Donald Trump had already revealed many usurping agents within our collective ranks, we ain’t seen nothing yet. 

us coc tweet trump speech
If we’re willing to bear witness, we are about to see just how deep, entrenched and controlling the Globalist/Wall Street financial tentacles are within the party apparatus.

We shall also witness the professional punditry, specific websites, particular radio voices, voluminous writers, historic authors, etc. who gain financial benefit from supporting these same usurping agents.

On the political right these are the agents/minions of the U.S. CoC and Tom Donohue. They are not dissimilar to the political left and George Soros. Their objectives are synergistic.

For several years our research has been leading toward a larger understanding. The financial constructs are way bigger deeper than anyone has yet to fathom. There are trillions at stake.

Trump’s economic speech obviously put these various Wall Street agents on notice today. They are now forced to come out of the shadows and attack.

Just watch….

Trump Unleashes Garbage Trumponomics In Front Of Garbage Wall

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) June 28, 2016
 Reform conservatism is insufficiently conservative! Let's nominate someone who merely pretends to be conservative!
— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) June 28, 2016

99% of the political right has been manipulated, trained like Pavlov’s voters, with social issues and social fear to pull a specific lever and get a specific pellet.

99% of the political left has been manipulated the exact same way.

It’s about to get really ugly as the financial benefactors begin to realize their masters coffers, the bankers – their employers, might not be available to sustain them should Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election. 

These ‘paid-to-deliver-content’ voices don’t really care about gun rights, constitutional limits or lack thereof; ultimately they don’t care about, laws, courts or SCOTUS appointments, or abortion, or (fill__in__the__blank).

For the Soro’s, Donohue, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell and Ryan types it’s about power.

For those who write favorably about Soro’s, Donohue, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell and Ryan legislative constructs…

…..What they really care about is their bank account.


trump lion

Source:    The Conservative Tree House

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