AMERICAN PATRIOTS SERIES-46 :Open Letter to members of law enforcement and the military on Terrorist in Orlando Florida

 This Is a ongoing series of Letters,Essays,and Opinions that you my Patriotic friends want to share with your friends and countrymen .This is your Last Stand my friends.

Where freedom of speech is not stifled,
Freedom of Speech is Celebrated, not 
Condemned !!!

What is a true and genuine American Patriot; what are the components?

"I believe that a very important component is holding onto the values that have been passed onto us by the patriots that have gone before us. Some of those values are faith, family, freedom, sanctity of life from conception to natural death with the inherent dignity and value of every human being being acknowledged and respected, hard work and earning a place/position in society, helping our neighbors, personally supporting those in real need and living out all these values out in our daily lives. 

An American patriot would deeply love our country and faithfully participate in the political process, which requires study to become knowledgeable and well-informed to make the best choices that conform to our constitutional boundaries. Holding to the standards established by the Declaration and Constitution is a really important part of it because our identity as a people and nation ...was formed and developed from them. All of our American values were birthed from our Biblical foundation which permeated all aspects of society from the education and the arts to law and government, reaching from the lowest economic places to the highest levels of achievement and everything in between.

It was the air we all breathed and it made this country so different from all other places and it bound us together as a people. We might be rich, we might be poor, but achievement in any area of life by anyone was celebrated and served to show others that it could be done. We were unashamed to have heroes, to read about them, tell their stories, and learn from their lives. And for many years so many patriots were birthed out of this American soil, decent, strong, brave and true patriots who sacrificially served out of love and duty."
We're all grateful for the patriots we've been privileged to know.


Talking About Terrorism

This is an open letter to all members of law enforcement and the military, this terrorist in Orlando Florida did not act alone, he had thousands of people who assisted with this action! these thousands of people who assisted this terrorist work for the government, they work in law enforcement, and they work in the military. You're probably saying to yourself or here's another nutcase, I say to you really !

Mostly American public are quite aware today that the Obama administration and the Communists demonic Democratic Party have been working in collusion with these terrorist organizations with the sole intent of using their actions to remove or destroy the constitutional rights of every American citizen. The members of law enforcement and the military may not be directly involved, but they are educated in the process of crime and terrorism, because of the lack of action by the president of the United States, the lack of action by the Congress and the Senate, would indicate that they are conspirators in was going on in America today, the same goes for the people in the in law enforcement, they are quite aware what's taking place but yet they're afraid act, they know that this person had some assistance from the government somewhere.

Most citizens in United States of America today are quite aware of the invasion taken place in America, but yet they are afraid to act, they're afraid to act because they've seen what happens to their colleagues and friends, they've seen your friends and colleagues lose their jobs or homes refinancing lose everything,and this was not by accident this was done to their colleagues to scare the members of law enforcement and the military so they would not act against the collusion that is taking place from the highest ranks of our government with these terrorist organization, and because these members of law enforcement and military are afraid to act.

They are also conspirators in collusion with what is taking place in America today ! The American citizens are tired of watching the government muscle and murder small groups of innocent people standing up for their rights, in case you didn't notice these are real heroes, these are people who stand up against tremendous odds against them, but they're brave they're not afraid to risk everything to gain everything, unlike the members of the law-enforcement who only go after people when it is 35 to one or 100 to one,brave men stand up against whatever the odds are, are you a brave man, brave woman.

I just called out every member of law enforcement and the highest ranking members of the military for being in collusion with these terrorists in Washington DC, if you people are not willing to do something to stop this, then step down that the American people know that you're stepping down and will take back this nation, because it was the average men and women of America who created this nation, the farmers, the mechanics, the blacksmith, the teachers, the average American citizen who was willing to sacrifice everything, to gain everything created this nation, and we will not stand by and watch it be eroded away by lack of action, or a bunch of cowards! 

It's almost impossible to imagine that anybody with an IQ over 50 cannot put all the pieces together about this administration, from fast and furious gunrunning scheme, to the use the IRS as a weapon, and other political branches of the government as weapons against the citizens, to the murderer four citizens in Benghazi, to the assassination of Lavoie Finnigan,stand up or stand down !!! 

Radio Podcast


The cowardly traitors and attackers of the Second Amendment

Need to attack Second Amendment first because they fear it the most ! IT is not so much a Second Amendment that they want to remove from the Bill of Rights, it's just THE barrier to stop them from removing all of your rights your freedoms and your liberties the,Second Amendment is the freedom that we have that they fear the most,this right and liberty gives us.

A God given right to defend our lives and liberties and freedoms against all things, be it human, demonic, animal or alien, this is a God-given right that all life forms possess to defend themselves, this life form called the human being designed weapons to defend ourselves against any foe, no man gave us this right, and let no man take this right, it is a natural right for one to be able to defend oneself from the perils of life !!! 

The Second Amendment is a tool to protect and defend freedoms and liberties from those who wish to enslave free men, this tool is also designed to defend our constitutional rights as a free people, without the Second Amendment, we would not have any constitutional rights, we would not have the Bill of Rights, and we would not be free to defend our rights !!! those who wish to remove any of our constitutional rights and freedoms, ultimately want all of our rights and freedoms, do not be fooled these people are your enemies, and always will be your enemies !!!

 God bless America keep us united,and keep us free. AMEN !!! 


 by Dennis Zellaha

Judge's, Politicians, D.A.'s, Lawyers, Cops, and Sheriff's, let us explain our position to you.

Who are we you ask? We're the ones who work, pay taxes, and try desperately hard to not break any of the 2 million laws on the books. We know the phrase 'equal protection under the law' is a crock of poop. Politics, corruption, greed, and the lust for power is what motivates most of you! We try, and stay out of your way, it's becoming harder to do. We understand the (jokingly) phrase profiling, but you refuse to use to use it, in the name of political correctness. We are not Jews, and this is not 1939 Germany, yet we still avoid eye contact with you for fear you'll hunt us down like rabid dogs. We believe there are enough real bad guy's out there to keep you busy, and having fun, do you really need to punish us for just being alive? Times are changing, and you may need to pick sides, chose carefully, you may not like radical Islam as your partner!


If a citizen of the United States of America, deliberately brought to this land a virus, a parasite, or an invasive species that was devastating to the survival of the citizens of this nation, what would be the penalty ???

 If someone released deadly animals or insects to this land called the United States of America, and it started devastating the people the citizen of the United States of America, what would be the penalty for this person, especially if it was a deliberate act to create genocide against the American people ???

What do you think that this president, and his entire administration, and his political party is doing to our country, to our nation, to our personal security ???

Bill Sharpe

To my Facebook family and friends,

I need to share with you a disclaimer and an apology, it has come to my attention that those who share and read my posts, have come under attack by political operatives working for the Communist Party,also known as the Democratic Party,Unbeknown to you all the information and thoughts that I share are very dangerous to you, and your families. 

It's hard to believe in United States of America today that our freedoms are liberties and our lives and livelihoods are being threatened to the point of civil war, but they are! the government is using their power to suppress free speech and free thought, they will use any and all methods ( electronic surveillance ) in their possession to suppress an attack you and your families and your businesses, a perfect example of this in the conduct of the IRS, and the investigating bodies, responsible for not letting this happen !

It is difficult to articulate the words to explain how dangerous information and knowledge is today, you can see that the mainstream media barely touches on the truth and the reality of what is taking place in our country, and in the world today. I am writing this to warn you of the consequences of sharing my posts and information, there are a lot of great people still in America today and those of you who do not fear the consequences of the evil and tyranny possessing this great land, but those of you who do I understand and I hold no ill will against you, May God bless us and God bless America and protect us all in the future Amen.

Bill Sharpe 


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