Does anyone actually LISTEN & WATCH as the Universe's Savant, Soothsayer & Visionary IDIOT speaks, belch's & farts his incoherent "Psycho Babble" about how the WORLD in his view should be....Think about it for a moment....I personally believe "IT" whatever is believes this Concocted Crap that ITS Spewing from its ANUS...( The mouth & the anus are interchangeable)....As far as it goes I think if SIGMUND FREUD could stomach a session with this Delusional Bastard, he's go get a gun Kill the Muslim Faggot & then turn it on himself... And the SICK thing is the PARASITES of this Land "Lap It Up" like it was a "Soup Du Jour" from Paradise....It takes more than a FOOL to believe this HORSE EXCREMENT.....

This Sociopath from HELL has been trained ever since he was HATCHED from his SATANIC MASTER'S EGGS to HATE every living thing on this earth....Watch him as he speaks or grunts....he seems to have an almost "ORGASMIC" grin going for him as he PREACHES his Divisive HATE Massages from MOUNT DELUSIONAL...

His world Tour has given the Cry-Baby Narcissist the OPPORTUNITY to not only EXCORIATE everything America has done in the past (Even Existing) he has asked for the WORLD to Forgive us of Our Sins, for Saving their ass in every WAR we Have Fought....What an Arrogant SON OF A TRUE is....There is just some things I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.....He & Those who believe this Maggot Puke top the heap....
I think it was in a College COMMENCEMENT Speech (Sermon) he took another shot at AMERICA & those who believe in our GOOD WILL....Basically he said 'THE GOOD OLD DAY'S" were a MYTH....They were as horrible as our Sinful Past is...While I'll be the First to admit our PAST was anything but PERFECT, they were Hard, Tough, Overwhelming for some & Sacrificing for some....But those Days were filled with Hope, filled with the promises of blessing from Hard Work & the Love of Family & Friends.....And just where is this Satanic SOB taking us?....

I hate to be the Bubble Buster here but this VERSION of AMERICA..."SUCKS"....We've become SLAVES to the MACHINE....Our Government & the Banksters that OWN THEM....ALL OF THEM....There is NO ,"TWO PARTY SYSTEM".....There hasn't been a facsimile of that since REAGAN was POTUS....I can't think of anything good to say about those who FOLLOWED's been a DOWNWARD SPIRAL ever since....The CLINTON'S, both BUSH'S & The MUSLIM OBAMA........I hate to be the one to tell you this....There was a WAR fought by this GOVERNMENT against Christians & Freedom Loving INDEPENDENT People....There wasn't a SHOT Fired....They did it by PROGRAMING Us to be Obedient PAWNS of this Government...Maybe SLAVES is more apt..They did it in the SCHOOLS ( Homosexuality & Transsexuals, Socialism) ...By teaching Behavior Modifying principles....They reinforced it with 24/7  Brain-Washing PROPAGANDA from...ALL of the MEDIA...They Own the Media.....And we did what ?

So by all means as you go about your daily chores, work &  relax later & maybe Drink a Beer or two or three...or more...And Take your Little Servitude HAPPY PILLS for as long as this Government Allows you to live,enjoy the illusion......It didn't have to be this way....We got Lazy, Apathetic & STUPID.....We followed the BOUNCING BALL all the way to a Muslim Hell Hole.... The PIED PIPER...AKA THE NEW WORLD ORDER'S "MESSIANIC FOOL" is in total control now....your an idiot to think otherwise....HILLARY will be our end....FIN...UNLESS we QUIT complying..

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