Slavery Alive And Well In Many Muslim Nations

Demonstrators in Hong Kong brandish pictures of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, an Indonesian maid allegedly assaulted for months by her employers. (photo: Vincent Yu/AP)
 Slavery has always been a part of human history in every civilization on earth. Ironically, even though it is now completely dead in Western civilizations, it is the West that is constantly accused of racism.
Unfortunately, many unscrupulous "leaders" play upon white guilt and  self hatred to push the narrative of white racism so as to enact their true agenda.
Not only does slavery continue to be practiced today in most Muslim countries, but many Muslims who emigrate to western nations bring their so-called domestic workers with them. These unfortunate individuals  are actually being enslaved with no way out unless they can obtain outside help in some way.  
The following links provide more information on abuse of domestic workers and the continued practice of slavery in the Middle East and in Africa.

A San Diego-based Iraqi couple allegedly enslaved a domestic worker forcing her to work up to 18 hours a day with no pay, according to charges filed in federal court Friday.

The ACLU notes that many domestic slaves in America are victims of foreign diplomats, who are immune from prosecution in the United States. They’re often told “they will have good jobs with benefits and they will enjoy the protection of U.S. laws.”

Reality check, they are denied all rights by their "employers".

The Modern Day Slaves Known as Domestic Workers and Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery are but two of many links on this very subject.

From Daniel Greenfield's piece: Islamic Slavery and Racism A brief history of Muslim Arabs' barbaric institution of black slavery.

When Tuaregs and Islamists swarmed in to seize Northern Mali, one of the old grievances animating their campaign was slavery. The Tuaregs were not former slaves, they were, and in some cases still are, slaveholders.

The French invasion of Northern Mali, liberating towns and villages under Islamist rule, was a historical echo of the original French emancipation of Tuareg slaves back in the colonial period. Despite French efforts, the Tuareg did their best to hang on to their slaves and Muslim Tuareg still continue to hold thousands of slaves in Northern Mali.

Mali is not unique. The Sudanese genocide was given theological and political force by the attitude that Arabs and Muslims had the natural right to a superior position over African Animists and Christians. And today Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the Butcher of Sudan, continues to enjoy the support of the Muslim world despite being indicted for genocide by the International Criminal Court.

The supporters of the Muslim world’s campaign to displace the indigenous Jewish population of Israel in favor of the Arab colonists and settlers casually accuse Israel of apartheid. Every year Israeli Apartheid Week is held on college campuses in an attempt to compare Israel’s refusal to allow Hamas terrorists access to its territory with racial discrimination.

But racial Apartheid is very much a reality in the Muslim world. The same Muslim students who show up to denounce Israel as an apartheid state often come from countries where there is true apartheid when it comes to black skin.

In North Africa, the Haratin, a Berber word meaning dark skin, are the remnants of the indigenous African population. Many are still enslaved. Others live apart from mainstream society, forced into degrading or difficult occupations.

Mauritania is the country with the world’s largest proportion of slaves. There hundreds of thousands of Haratin serve the Bidhan, the so-called “White Moors”. The Bidhan pass on the Haratin as property from generation to generation. And even those who are not legally property face a grim life.

In the 80s, Mauritania ethnically cleansed tens of thousands of Africans from its territory. Even Human Rights Watch stated, "It is fair to say that the Mauritanian government practices undeclared apartheid and severely discriminates on the basis of race."

The best kept secrets of the Muslim world include large populations of former African slaves in places like Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. While Africans in Israel are not descended from slaves, Afro-Arabs, Afro-Turks and African-Pakistanis are living reminders of a Muslim slave trade that sometimes still lingers on.

The site of the world’s greatest slave rebellion was in Basra, Iraq, where half-a-million African slaves rose against the might of the Arab Abbasid Empire.

The Zanj rebellion was brutally suppressed, but its legacy lives on in the modern day city of Basra where hundreds of thousands of Afro-Iraqis live as a despised minority taunted with the slur “Abd” or Slave. That same Arabic word is often widely applied to black people in the Middle East.

While Muslim propagandists have exploited the legacy of slavery in the United States to win black converts, slavery in the Muslim world began long before the United States and ended a century later.
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