The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 22 :Cornwallis leaves South Carolina




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 22
 by Gregory Dixon...US History 1956 
British general Cornwallis leaves South Carolina:

General Nathaniel Greene of Rhode Island had been placed in command of the South. Next to Washington he was by far the most ablest soldier in the revolution. with a small force that seemed as though as he said, was as a shadow of an army, he accomplished wonders. Early in the year, January 17,1781, part of Greene's men led by Morgan gained the battle at Cowpens, South Carolina.

Then Greene, who was master of the game he was playing, retreated toward Virginia thus drawing Cornwallis, who followed him, farther away from his supplies at Charleston. The American General Greene had many anxious days during this retreat and often the chances of his success seemed wholly against him. On one such occasion he reached Steele’s Tavern after midnight wet to the skin with the heavy rain that had fallen all day. 

Steele looked at him in astonishment and asked if he was alone. Yes, he answered. Alone, tired, hungry and penniless. Mrs. Steele heard his reply and set a smoking hot breakfast before the weary, despondent soldier. Then she carefully shut the door and drawing two bags of silver from under her apron she held them out to her guest. “Take these because you will need them and I can do without them”, she said. 

It was such noble hearted women as these who helped our men keep heart to the end. The honor shall be theirs so long as history lasts. Cornwallis did not expect the news about General Greene turning back to attack the English Force under Lord Rawdon at Camden, South Carolina. Cornwallis was in no condition to whirl about and follow Greene. He decided to march northward to Petersburg, Virginia. There he hoped to unite with British forces sent from New York and then double back and take the Carolinas.
(to be continued)
Greene’s Campaign in South Carolina:

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