The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 19 :Washington at Valley Forge:




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 19

by US History Teacher Gregory Dixon 1956 
Washington at Valley Forge:
 Winter of 1777-78:

 British General Howe leaves Philadelphia:

Though the great victory of Saratoga filled the Land with joy, yet the winter which followed was a terrible one. While General Howe and his officers were leaving in luxury in Philadelphia, Washington’s men were dying, naked and starving on the frozen hillside of Valley Forge. they died before the good news reached them that the French King would aid in America.

News traveled slowly in those days. The next spring (1778) England, alarmed at the action of France in taking our part, offered US peace, representation in Parliament, everything and anything other than our independence. It was independence we were fighting for and all else was rejected. Fear of the opposing French Fleet now compelled the British to abandon Philadelphia and start for New York. 
The Battle of Monmouth:

 Fifteen thousand of English forces were to go by land across New Jersey and this was Washington’s opportunity. With about the same number of men he followed them up sharply. A battle was fought at Monmouth, June 28.1778. it would have ended in a brilliant victory for our side if General Charles Lee who unfortunately had come back to US. He acted like a lunatic and a traitor. 

Washington sternly rebuked him and shortly after ordered him to withdraw from the battle and go to the rear. later Lee was tried by court martial for disobedience and misbehavior and suspended from the army. Eventually congress dismissed him in disgrace and in disgrace he died. Washington won the battle at Monmouth. It was the last battle to note that was fought on northern soil. The British forces had now returned to New York and vicinity.

 Washington with his army stretched out from Morristown, New Jersey to West Point on the Hudson River watched them day and night.  

(to be continued)

The British attack the south :

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Note From Pearl :

I was amazed to learn while studying Daily Bite#30 to the end of this text book will run right into where I began in January with Daily Bites of the Constitution. It's really amazing that this same thing happened from different history books that the Bill of Rights entwined with the Colliers to end the one series and begin the history. It's like a completed circle and believe me I did not plan any of these endings and beginnings. It's God's Providence....heart emoticon

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