The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 15 : Victory at Trenton





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 15
 Victory at Trenton:

 by US History Teacher Gregory Dixon 1956

On Christmas Night, 1776, Washington, with a force of less than 2500 men marched into Trenton in a furious snowstorm. There he surprised a body of Hessian soldiers and took a thousand prisoners and a large quantity of weapons and ammunition. He did all this with scarce of a loss of a man. it was not only a bold strike but a great victory because it had great results. 

Thousands of patriots had begun to despair but now their hearts leaped with joy. it was a Christmas long to be remembered. It was near the end of the year. The time for which many of Washington’s men had enlisted would be out in a few days and he needed money to get them to re-enlist. Congress had tried to manufacture money but the poor soldiers, barefoot and half starved, ragged and miserable, did not want what congress offered.

 They had left wives and children at home crying for bread and the men wanted to send them money that would buy it. They knew from experience that a dollar bill issued by a government that had no silver or gold to make it good was worth the same as any other dingy scrap of paper. Washington sympathised with the men. He wrote to his friend Robert Morris, merchant and banker of Philadelphia, imploring him to send him $50,000.

 Morris set out on New years Morning 1777, and went from house to house and roused his friend’s from their beds. At last he got the money and sent it to Washington. It was as good as another victory. It saved the army!

(to be continued)

  Victory at Princeton:
 cornwallis outwitted:

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