The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 27 : The People Demand a Bill of Rights




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 27
 by Gregory Dixon...US History 1956 

 The People Demand a Bill of Rights:

After the convention had accepted the new Constitution it was sent to different states to be voted on by the people. Many of the people opposed. They thought it gave the national government too much power; a fear not unfounded. Indeed, there were those who wanted a stronger government than even the constitution granted. there was also the question of inalienable rights spoken of in the declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. 

The people of that day recognized that their rights were granted by God at time of Birth but it was the responsibility of government to protect them. Some tried to say that the idea of God given rights were so commonly understood that the new government would never try to usurp them. However, there were other more prudent men who recognized that in order to insure the people their rights there would be the need to write these things into the Constitution.

Consequently the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution and in time all the states decided to adopt it. (unquote) 

Pearl’s Poem:

 We the People

We are the people of the United States...under our God who holds America’s fate! We run the country through the servants we choose! They serve the people or they’re yesterday’s news! We have a Document that doesn’t need fixed! Our Constitution halts the politician’s tricks! Here’s to all our servants as we celebrate “THE FOURTH!  WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE HOLDING FREEDOM’S TORCH!  HERE’S TO ALL WHO;S TREADING ON AMERICA’S SOD...LET’S NOT BE FORGETTING...WE’RE ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of History Series 

(to be continued)
 Washington addresses the people 

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