The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 26 :The New Constitution




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 26
 by Gregory Dixon...US History 1956 

The New Constitution:

Still, even with this bright hope to lighten the sky the outlook was dark enough. Washington, Franklin, Madison and Hamilton were in a word the most ablest men of that day though the prospect was anything but encouraging. It seemed to them unless something was done promptly the new born Republic would die in its cradle. 

There were many reasons for the confusion of the day, not the least of which was the fluctuating of paper money. Since each of the colonies was an independent nation each one was responsible for the economy of their state. therefore every state held to the practice of printing money. they seem to have forgotten the disaster of the Revolutionary war when the paper money became so worthless.

When a person wanted to describe something worthless they would say, “Not worth a continental.” The difficulty stemmed from the fact that the value of the money of each state was different than the value of the other states and some were more in demand than others. Then when a contract was made, often times unscrupulous men would allow the assumption to be made that a debt would be paid in one type of money but it would be paid in money that did not have the same value and to add insult to injury the courts did nothing about it.

At last in 1787 a convention of fifty five members was held in Philadelphia to make a new Constitution, one that would form a “more perfect union.” Washington presided at this convention and a majority of the state legislatures sent their chief men to take part in it. The convention held a secret session of nearly four months and had many stormy debates before the Articles of the new Constitution could be agreed upon. At one time, Franklin and many other eminent men nearly despaired of any successful result but by judicious compromises the great work was completed.

(to be continued)

 The people demand a Bill of Rights God given and not government given:

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