Fickleness Finger Of Faith

What I find to be absolutely fascinating..Is the prevailing indecisiveness, uncertainty and even I dare to say fickleness of that which the resolve and temperament of the masses sways to and fro....Back in 2008...When I made an appearance on the WBEN radio show in Buffalo New York and expressed my opposition for Obama's candidacy..I cam under a great deal of scrutiny and verbal hostility...Forthcoming not only from the Liberal left..But rather surprisingly even from a great many Conservatives also!...Both GOP and Independents alike...Many of which of course today will never admit to any such undertaking on their behalf naturally wink emoticon..Then here a few months back, when Senator Cruz, first announced his candidacy to run for President..

When I expressed my opposition to his candidacy, once again as before with Obama, I was subject to a great deal of scrutiny and reprisal from many within the Conservative lobby!...In fact many of my posts, views and comments to this effect weir censored and banned from a number of FB and other social net work pages and sites etc....Because the prevailing view amongst many of Conservatives at the time was...How dare I to express any views or opinions against the champion of American Conservatism??!...Now!, once again as in the case with both Obama and Cruz.. I am faced with the very same backlash, from many of those same Conservatives in response to my comments and stance in opposing Mr. Trump??!...LOL...Like I said....The indecisive and uncertain resolve and convictions of many of my fellow Americans as I have described, I truly find to be both fascinating and to that same effect also very disturbing indeed!.

by Darius Radmanesh

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