Death Threats are not new to controversial public figures, and Trump has some serious enemies because he may well be a threat to the globalist agenda. 
Whether one supports him or not (full disclosure, I remain undecided), assassination is not the way to go on any candidate, no matter how odious one may find them. Let us hope that nothing untoward happens to any of them in this race for the presidency either now or in any future race. 
Such an act in this new era of seeming lawlessness, unrest, distrust of the government,  and disrespect of our social institutions, could well trigger total societal disintegration, imminent chaos, and anarchy.

By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
The GOP's charismatic presidential candidate Donald Trump's private plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Nashville, Tennessee, as a result of what's being called "engine trouble," by his campaign staff. But in light of some statements by several people -- such as two well-known GOP political consultants who advocate shooting Trump in his head -- a thorough investigation should be conducted, said political strategist Mike Baker.

Trump's personal Boeing 757 -- which he jokingly christened his own official Air Force One -- was on its way to Little Rock, Arkansas, from New York, but his pilots had to make the emergency detour and landed at Nashville International Airport. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials released a statement claiming that Trump's plane landed safely at 4:40 p.m. (Central Time) after the plane's captain reported he was experiencing problems with the jet engine. The FAA investigators responding to the incident said they will investigate the incident with an "open mind."

Trump, who is known as The Donald to his friends and supporters, completed his trip using a charter plane for him and his campaign entourage. This latest report builds on existing best practices for threat assessment investigations established by the Secret Service through its research, training, and operational experience over the last 20 years. While all presidential candidates now have Secret Service protection, including Trump, he already had a large, well-trained security force protecting him.

The Secret Service's protection bureau details information about possible offenders’ planning behavior, motives, and other concerning behaviors they exhibited prior to the attacks. Although the strategy addresses attacks on federal targets, the report is designed to offer guidance to federal, state, and local law enforcement officials in their efforts to identify, assess, and manage a range of potential threats when they protect VIPs (Very Important Persons).

“The reports released by National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) provide front line law enforcement and public safety professionals with in depth analysis into targeted violence incidents throughout the United States,” stated Kelly Nee, Deputy Superintendent of Boston Police Department’s Regional Intelligence Center. “This information is invaluable to local law enforcement in our mission to keep our citizens safe.”


While the Secret Service and Trump's security people get reports about "crazies" and "madmen" making death threats against the GOP's most controversial candidate, even some of the nation's top political minions are making violence-prone statements.

For example, Pat Brady, the co-chairman of the John Kasich for President Campaign, said in an interview that the only way to beat Donald Trump is with a “head shot,” a term used to describe a single-bullet killing. Once he realized the ramifications of what he said, Brady then claimed that his head shot comment regarding Trump wasn't referring to a literal gunshot to the head. See Youtube video.

Not to be outdone by Brady, Republican political consultant Rick Wilson appeared on MSNBC and was more direct when he said the GOP political establishment has to “put a bullet” in Trump’s head.

According to conservative firebrand and Trump supporter Ann Coulter, "FOX News is ignoring these death threats against Donald Trump. Disgusting." And NRA firearms instructor Rick Smith noted, "Never thought it would be possible, but Fox now makes MSNBC look like a professionally run news media!"

Last year, the Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson appointed Craig D. Magaw to be Deputy Director of the Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information of the U.S. Secret Service, a brand new position.

"The position, which was a recommendation of the Independent Panel, We intend to embark on a wide search for the right person for the job. The COO will be equal in rank to the Deputy Director, and will serve as the principal administrator and be responsible for planning and directing all business and program activities. The position will focus on improving performance, directing coordination and liaison activities, and aligning budgetary and strategic planning efforts. As recent events have clearly shown, there is more to be done to promote operational excellence and public trust in the Secret Service. However, change does not happen overnight," said Johnson is a statement.

Slovenian born Paul Walter Senior Editor of this news site said, "Mr. Trump is the only hope for America. I hope that all his planes, helicopters, automobiles are guarded around the clock not only with cameras but also with trusted personnel to make sure nothing is planted on them. I would also recommend when it comes to grocery shopping that the groceries come from different places all the time, never the same place twice in a row. Not to be paranoid of course, but one can not be too careful. We live in dangerous times and what's at stake is our beloved America, the only hope for the free world." "The only way they can beat Trump is with outright lies, dirty tricks and vote fraud. He is the only candidate who will seal our border, Rubio, Cruz and Bush are globalists." added Walter

Source:  News With Views

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