Obama Gold Credit Card

Let's Have A Good Laugh With This Old Piece Of Satire

Amaze Your Friends...
Be The Life Of The Party!
"Join The Unlimited Spending Fun"®
Never Worry About Money Again
All With The New
Obama Card Gold Credit Card
ObamaCard Gold® is GUARANTEED
to act like a Magical Spending Stimulus
on your Sputtering Personal Economy.
Order Your Amazing ObamaCard Gold®


As You Can See Friends, It’s Simple...
When you need help fast, ObamaCard Gold® is there for You.
"We feel your pain..."
All you need to do is have enough HOPE and FAITH
in The Truly Amazing Power of The ObamaCard Gold® to CHANGEEverything,
...and then you can use it to pay for almost Anything:
Everyone you know will just go WILD with ENVY when you use OG™ to

pay...Your Mortgage.

Your Car Payment.
Your groceries.
Your health care costs.
Your college tuition.
Even Your child care expenses!

But wait, that’s not all!

Just follow the lead of many Secret Prominent Americans...
Right now they are using their New ObamaCard Gold® to pay for all manner of Wonderful Things, including:
▸ Fabulous new wardrobes. ▸ Gourmet meals and drinks in fancy restaurants.▸ Opulent vacations in exotic foreign countries. ▸ Lavish parties at the finest clubs. ▸ Highly Skilled professional services

Wouldn’t you like to Join Them?
(There’s no pre-set spending limit! Can you think of any other
wacky offbeat uses for your New ObamaCard Gold®?)
How about...
Financing your Corporation?
Speculating in Derivatives?
Shoring up that Unfunded Retirement Plan?
Retaining a Top-Notch DC Law Firm?
As you can clearly see, the potential uses for YOUR New ObamaCard Gold®
are almost endless...
And what’s the best part about the New ObamaCard Gold®?


I know that you’re probably thinking “this can’t be for real”...
But it’s Actually True! If you Deeply Believe in The Power of ObamaCard Gold International® to solve all of your problems, nothing can ever go wrong!
But How Do We Do It???
Remember, the Good Folks at “Hope-N-Change.Gov”
ALWAYS have nothing but the best of intentions for you and all of your family members!

Through the Magic Science of REDISTRIBUTION,
we use the power of Other Peoples Money--OPM™--to redistribute any and all of your expenditures...
You can TRUST ObamaCard Gold® completely, because all outstanding obligations on Your ObamaCard Gold International® Account are solidly secured by using:
“The Miracle of the Magical Yuan...”
As we proudly state on the reverse of each and every card:
“Backed by Full Faith And HOPE for
US Securities held by The Bank O’ China, NAPRC.”
Just think, This Card has it all!
Still not convinced?
Think that The New Obama Card Gold Credit Card isn’t for you?
Here’s what a few Secret but Famous HIGHLY PROGRESSIVE AMERICANS are already saying
about The New ObamaCard Gold International®...

"I love my New ObamaCard Gold®! I use it every weekend to reserve a Gulfstream 5 jet for my personal and family use.”
Nancy P.--- San Francisco, CA

“OG™ pays for my 4 rent controlled apartments in New York, my vacation home in the Dominican, and my homestead in DC. I even use it to pay those pesky back taxes, that always seem to be slippin my mind.”
Charlie R.--- New York, NY

“ObamaCard Gold International® is a country-wide miracle! I just snapped my fingers, and gosh and begorra, suddenly I had a magicalcottage in Ireland!”
Christopher D.--- East Haddam, CT.

“I used to be plagued with huge piles of dirty messy cash stacked everywhere around my house and garage. Now I use ObamaCard Gold® exclusively, and all my Housekeeping chores are behind me.”
William J.--- New Orleans, LA

“My ObamaCard Gold® is so handy, that I do just fine on my State Pension of only $1 a year.”
Arnold S.--- Hollywood, CA

Could all these IMPORTANT PEOPLE be wrong?
Don’t wait, or you may miss out... Act Now!
This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. We can’t guarantee how long The New ObamaCard Gold International® will be available for you. We HOPE to keep it available until January 20, 2013...
But after that, things may CHANGE, all bets will be off-
so you better act now.

“Get In While The Gettin' Is Good!”

You pay only a TINY registration and processing fee.
For less than the cost of one measly Starbucks® venti white mocha with eight shots, extra vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon, soy, mocha, and caramel, -you get all the priceless and prestigious advantages of exclusive membership in ObamaCard Gold International®.
What could be easier?
Now you may be thinking- “this must be one of those flimsy, weak, unsubstantial, inexperienced, confused, girly-man type cards”... but NO, we can assure you that Obama Card Gold Credit Card is just like any other credit card in your collection.
It is made from only the very finest heavy weight gold metalflake coated pvcplastic, with your account number proudly embossed on the front, and touched with SILVER.
If you have environmental concerns, you’ll be happy to know that ObamaCard Gold is made with both pre and post-consumer recycled PVC content, with just enough Virgin Plastic to ensure it’s ABSOLUTE PURITY.

Your New ObamaCard Gold® is more Eco-Friendly than a Prius®!!!

"But what if I don’t qualify for ObamaCard Gold®???”
Don’t Worry, Have HOPE, Things CHANGE. Apply NOW!
Lost your job?... NO PROBLEM!
Behind on your mortgage?... FORGEDABOUDIT!
Car repossessed?... DRIVE IT TO THE BANK!
Bankruptcy?... RESTRUCTURE IT!
Don’t speak English?... ¡NO PROBLEMA!
In fact, almost everyone is pre-qualified to become
An EXCLUSIVE MEMBER of ObamaCard Gold International®...
You ONLY need to be a current resident of a country, and TRULY BELIEVE in the POWER of OG™!
...And Remember, it’s ALMOST FREE!!!
You don’t want to be left out, do you?
Join now with our many, many completely satisfied members...
Order your ObamaCard Gold today, and start using it exclusively wherever you see the ObamaCard Gold® Symbol proudly displayed. It’s all you ever dreamed of!

But wait, there’s still more...
The New ObamaCard Gold International®
is 100% Unconditionally Guaranteed!!!
If you are EVER UNHAPPY for any reason with your New ObamaCard Gold®,
WE’LL BE VERY SAD, but you can simply return it to us at any time for a
What are you waiting for?

This card has it all.
Put the power of OPM™ on YOUR SIDE for a CHANGE!

You’ve got everything to gain, and nothing to lose.
Drive everyone you know crazy with envy...

Order now, and Join The Unlimited Spending Fun!®

Your Friends at ObamaCard Gold International®

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P.S. For a limited time only, if you apply for your ObamaCard Gold® right now, we’ll include Free Shipping and Handling, and a wonderful FREE full color wallet-size portrait of Our President, guaranteed to bring you Good Luck!

P.P.S. For a limited time only, if you apply for 3 OCG™ cards for your family and friends, not only will you receive Free Shipping and Handling plus 3 FREE full color wallet size LUCKY portraits of our President, but you will also receive a wonderful FREE 5"x7" full color portrait, that’s suitable for framing!!

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ObamaCard Gold The Video!

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