Lies About Islam and Sharia Law From Barack Obama...

If you are tired of the lies about Islam and Sharia Law from Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, the United Nations, our Media, and the liars and parasites of our Senate and House.

by William LaSalle

Do a little research yourself.

If you don't know Islamic Law is the most evil thing ever created by man, you don't know anything about Islamic Law.

I am one citizen sharing the truth, I do not have 50 paralegals to tell me how to bend to constitution of the United States to say what I want it to say and a few cute interns to pick up a cigar or ink pen or whatever I drop under my desk. I only have the truth.

Why are all the people fleeing all the nations with Sharia Law ?

Barack Obama's Administration since 2008, lies, lies, lies, lies, more lies, treason, and war.

How do the nations with Islamic Law carry out their death penalty ?

You know, the Sharia Law that some of the liars and parasites of our Senate and House in Washington, DC who refuse to have any respect for human life, human rights, or our Constitution feel is such a great thing.

Not one Damn Incumbent in the United States.

In 2012, the nations with Islamic Law kill more people wth executions than anyone but China. They are working at becoming number 1.

They use hangings, stonings, shootings, and beheadings to carry out these executions.…/iran-saudi-arabia-iraq-among……/2013_executing_countries_high_r…

Punishable Crimes

The Quran allows criminals to be executed for murder and mischief. The latter is open to wide interpretation, but is most commonly applied to cases of treason or undermining state stability, terrorism, drug trafficking, rape, sexual offenses like homosexuality or adultery, or, less commonly, religious offenses like blasphemy, apostasy or heresy. Even nations that practice strict Sharia law, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, rarely execute citizens for religious or consensual sexual crimes, and all have a system of appeal and opportunity for pardon.

Execution in Practice

China executes more prisoner than the rest of the world put together. After China, seven countries executed 10 or more people in 2012. All were Muslim countries except the United States, which ranked fourth behind China with 43 executions. The top three Islamic countries were Iran, a Shiite nation which executed at least 314 prisoners, mostly for drug offenses. Next was Iraq, whose 129 executions were almost doubled from the year before. Finally, there were 78 in Saudi Arabia, a strict Sunni nation that carries out most executions by public beheading.…/Public_executions_in_Saudi_Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, as in many Islamic countries, crime and punishment is based on Sharia Law (derived from the principles of the Qu’ran and hadith). Sharia Law dictates specific punishments for different crimes. Some crimes that are punishable by death include:

Witchcraft and sorcery
Adultery (sexual relations with another person while married)
Drug use/trafficking

Notice that seven of the crimes are only because of the Muslim relligion.

There is more than one way in which an execution may be carried out in Islam. The sentence for Apostacy, or the repentance of one’s faith, is a public beheading, while the sentence for Adultery is death by stoning. Executions may occur within prison boundaries or in a public square, depending on court ruling. Of the 6,221 executions known to have taken place around the world from 2007-2012 (excluding China), 423 (6.8%) were carried out in Saudi Arabia.[1] The government does not release figures on executions in the Kingdom[2] but human rights organisations keep tab.


Executions in 2013
Between 624 and 727 at least.

Given the secrecy surrounding executions, exact numbers are difficult to obtain and different figures are given by various organizations. According to the organization Iran Human Rights, at least 687 executions were carried out in 2013. This tally draws upon media reports citing a majority of official sources and reliable unofficial sources known to the organization. [14] Another organization, Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, reported that 624 executions had taken place in 2013, 334 of which were announced by the government. [15] Yet another organization, the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation, reports 727 executions for 2013 as of January 8, 2014. [16] The actual number of executions is likely to be higher, given the government’s underreporting of executions and the holding of secret executions. For instance, in February 2013, Iran Human Rights reported that hundreds of secret executions had taken place in Vakilabad prison in eastern Iran over the previous 4 or 5 months, and that daily secret executions were taking place in another prison, Rajai Shahr Prison, west of Tehran. [17] In June 2013, Iran Human Rights reported an additional 14 secret executions in the Hormozgan prisons.…

964 executions for 2015 as of November 10.…/Application_of_sharia_law_by_cou…
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq among world's top users of death penalty: ReportAmnesty International has released a report on the death penalty in 2014 that shows a sharp rise in the number of death sentences handed down

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