by Robby Bowling
AMERICANS were once born free, we are now born into an Optical Delusion of Freedom...but we are actually SLAVES to the ELITE:'S that control our every breath....Essentially we are all FREE to be EQUALLY MISERABLE & BRAINWASHED.... On a whelm they can take EVERYTHING you have...for their own Self-Serving, Self-Righteous needs...

Why can't we FACE the Ugly Reality that they put up with us & Play with us like it was a Chess Game....And we Have little say in the matter...JUST Remember STALIN Said, "IT'S NOT WHO YOU VOTE FOR, IT'S WHO COUNTS THE VOTES".......MARK TWAIN said, "IF VOTING MADE A DIFFERENCE THE GOVERNMENT WOULDN'T ALLOW IT".....THE GAME IS RIGGED..

Governments operate under the premise & sell it to the PATHETICALLY STUPID Public, that WE NEED THEM to function.....Actually it's the reverse , "THEY NEED US TO BUY THAT MYTH OR CON...We do need each other in a CIVIL SOCIETY, but alas this Society is anything but CIVIL...It is FULL of Jealousy & Hate.... It's institutional HATE...Born, Taught & this DAMN GOVERNMENT...

I still hear many people say that this is still the GREATEST Country to live in...So.I ask you this; Is it Still, Are you Sure, Are you Brainwashed or For How much Longer.???...Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

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