How a dead issue played Americans for fools!

To the relief of the Obama administration, Democrats and RINO party establishment this issue has been shoved into the dust. Most Americans still think this is genuine and have no idea how the USA is played for fools by political power brokers. Of course I am talking about Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate.

In 2012 I learned about the kerning in box 12b at the “ty” in University. Kerning has never been possible for typewriters to do. The supporters of Obama lie and confuse kerning with variable spacing. The electronic reproduction of the LFBC was shown by photo shoppers to have been manipulated or built from scratch. They showed layers where the original document may have been altered. Date and time stamps that can be moved around the document. A links palette that shows documents were imported into the LFBC from an outside source. These are some of the main problems. Alex Jones shows much of it here:

Some have argued the LFBC problems are consistent with only enhancing images from the document. I wonder what they were originally enhancing. There have been several birth certificates for Obama and they have all been called forgeries. The question is, is Obama’s LFBC at actually taken from a previously forged birth certificate? Look at the pencil marks!

Well America, we have been played for fools by the leaders we elected to care for us. Since they have gotten away with this, what else are they currently getting away with?

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