The Ideology Of Marriage

When two individuals receive a marriage license from the state or government, the government is condoning There and that ideology of marriage, and agreeing to the terms of that marriage whatever they may be at the current time.

For the government to change or add to the government's position of Law or ideology this would be the legal time to do it, for the government to intervene after the fact, makes it unlawful and unconstitutional !.

But at that time the government goes out of its way, not to supply any input into that marriage agreement, so this would be another example of the government surrendering the right of the government to intervene in this religious ceremony or contract prior to the agreement of marriage.

Unlike other licenses that the government provides, every other license comes with manuals a list of Laws and condition, that the license holders must conform to, or face penalties under the Law of government, and within the boundaries of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

For example when Christian people get married , the religious views and beliefs and their wedding vows are there prenuptial agreement, the government is stating by letting people get married, they are condoning this marriage under the rules and guides of this religion.

At this point the government is not applying the government's ideology opinion philosophy or religious beliefs into that marriage, so therefore , if the marriage should dissolve, the government does not have the right with bias prejudiced or political religious views to supersede the religious prenuptial agreements of a marriage to any religious couple, after the fact ! And after the government has all ready agreed that this was a legal and binding marriage.

The government's attack on religion, is an attack on freedom itself.
The origins of all freedoms comes from religious freedom, without religious freedom no one is free ! Without religious freedom, any ideology or philosophy of freedom is a rouge And a fallacy!

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