I Think We All Have Had Our Fill Of Political Lies On Both Sides.

       Have You Had Enough Yet ?

                                                            WHAT HAPPENED TO MY AMERICA AND WHY ?


As far as I can ascertain the Communist party AKA democrat party will do ANYTHING to stay in power... Lie , steal, bribe,extort and murder.... When will the republicans figure that out and fight fire with fire ? It would seem that most of them are content to be the party "out of power "..., it would seem that there really isn't a two party system in this country! This is a sham , it's rigged and we sit on our ass pretending otherwise ! Fools run this country and idiots put up with it!

When will we discover that there is NO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS anymore....there is not one smidgen of truth uttered ,belched or farted when the cameras are rolling on the 'Talking Head News Shows'......it's a propaganda , scripted , diced & sliced for public consumption......Yet people listen...WHAT THE............

Why are pretending it will get better & lying to ourselves.....to what end.....death of this country is imminent and all we are fed day in & day out is GARBAGE......Baby that ain't rain falling on our head....it is way PAST TIME to PURGE this country of its cancer.....and what are we doing.....nothing....unless you count the FAKE attempt to take back the Senate......QUESTION: what will that do ? Buy time?.....Do you really think this country & its lying corrupt parasitical leadership has had the proverbial .COME TO JESUS MOMENT.?.....I don't......we haven't even hit bottom yet because we are too stupid & brainwashed to understand the Gravity & Seriousness of what is going on here.....
What happens when you have the BLIND leading the STUPID......ANSWER: nothing good....Personally I've had it....PRETENDING isn't getting it done ....NOTHING CHANGES....except the money from one Politicians hand to another....

I'm a Democrat. I've been a Democrat my entire life.

I used to utter those two sentences with pride and would shout them from the highest rooftops. Now, I’m almost embarrassed to say those words.

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