Chicago Politician Arrested For Murder Gets Reelected :

The Problem Goes Beyond A Street Corner

There seems to be an unusually high level of tolerance for violent criminals in Chicago and the surrounding areas, so high that the citizens will vote an accused murderer into office. According to, an East Chicago, Indiana man is the most recent and glaring example of the acceptance of criminal activity as normal behavior. They reported:An East Chicago councilman charged with murder has been re-elected.

The (Munster) Times reports that 42-year-old Robert Battle ran unopposed in Tuesday’s election. He is accused of shooting Reimundo Camarillo Jr. to death on Oct. 12 in East Chicago. He also faces a federal drug charge after police say they found more than 73 pounds of marijuana and more than $100,000 cash during a Porter County traffic stop.

Lake County Sheriff John Buncich said Battle did not request an absentee ballot to vote from the jail.

Battle is seeking bail and a Nov. 17 hearing is planned. On Tuesday a Lake County judge granted prosecutors’ request for a DNA mouth swab from Battle.

The caliber of individual engaged in Chicago politics is certainly less than stellar, with Hussein Obama and Rahm Emanuel being the most visible corrupt communist operatives but far from the only ones. Trash like Bill Ayers, David Axelrod, Arne Duncan and countless others litter the political landscape, manipulating the system for their personal gain and to advance the anti-American agenda.

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