Censorship :

All this Censorship is translated in "DICTATORSHIP".
So what do you want? to live free or to be manipulated by hand, and put the words in your mouth, you don't have the right to express what is in your mind and heart; The Communism fall, this is proof it is not working.

Subversive Measures

Subversive Measures, is a Subversive state initiative Censorship process which is comprised of two progressional/Consecutive levels or stages, 1- Mild or covert censorship and 2- Overt or aggressive Censorship. This process requires between 5-10 years to be implemented.

1- Mild or covert censorship

This stage of Subversive Measures, entails stealthily implementing censorship measures into all areas of the media and educational institutions. Most important aspect of these measures is there implementing in a way the people will ultimately succumb to this rule without any enforcement needed by the state. Do to exposure of the people to this process in low dosage and over a period of time, censorship becomes almost second nature and is perceived as simply the norm and is accepted. Another consequence of this process is that citizens in question will in addition to adhering censorship willingly, but also those who openly profess to appose censorship. Will ultimately themselves unknowingly exercise censorship against those materials or information which they themselves do not agree with or perceive as contrary to what they believe to be correct or acceptable. Consequently without being aware, enforce Censorship upon others.

2- Overt or aggressive Censorship.

At the second stage of Subversive Measures, all material and information is openly and officially Censored, this includes all material used in Television and the media etc. Also all information and material taught to students at all levels in all educational institutions across the country. At this stage, all citizens which refuse to abide by Censorship laws, the state will enforce its censorship rule by means of force. Censorship at this level is for a indefinite period of time.

Darioush Radmanesh




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