100 cities vying for immigrants (legal and illegal) expecting them to boost local economy

Egad! Talk about misguided...

100 cities vying for immigrants (legal and illegal) expecting them to boost local economy

Posted by Ann Corcoran

No, they won’t boost the economy. The whole idea is a myth! The only boost I can see is that the local economy might benefit from the welfare dollars and other federal government supported programs to build low income housing (boodle for local developers!) and to give immigrants special loans to start businesses (that aren’t offered to low-income Americans)—dollars that arrive in the struggling cities from Washington. Oh, and of course (almost forgot) bring in cheap labor to satisfy big business and the Chambers of Commerce.

Wealth redistribution?

Washington doesn’t grow money on trees—it is just your money being recycled for the benefit of the expanding immigrant population and the Left-leaning local governments.

This article reminded me of Nancy Pelosi. Do you remember when she famously said an expanding food stamp program helped the economy? She is essentially saying that the government needs to take your tax dollars and redistribute them to immigrants and then your money enters the economy of these struggling cities.

Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily features Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake as his opening ‘star’ of the story. We told you about Rawlings-Blake here on Sunday.

Hohmann found this list of 100 cities vying for your money (collected by the IRS in Washington and doled out to myriad local welfare programs and through grants to state and local governments and to non-profits).

Please look at this list! Is your city on it?

Hohmann goes on to report on the 18 mayors looking for a large allotment of Syrian refugees.

….a coalition of 100 immigrant-supporting cities seem to be in competition with each other to see which city can offer the most services and benefits to attract foreign-born residents.

They help them find jobs, overcome language barriers and work around employers’ demands for birth certificates or drivers’ licenses. There are also grants to help them get set up in a business venture.

So it’s no surprise that Rawlings-Blake is one of the 100 U.S. mayors asking the Obama administration to send her city a fresh wave of Syrian refugees. She is one of 18 mayors who have written a letter to the administration expressing their desire for more refugees. The 18 mayors who signed the letter represent a total of 100 mayors with Cities United for Immigration Action.

Continue reading (almost 1,000 comments in less than 24 hours). Hohmann reports some very good research by the Center for Immigration Studieson welfare use by immigrants, and he quotes me saying that this whole notion of boosting a local economy makes no logical sense if you include all the COSTS associated with the resettlement of third worlders and if you take out the federal taxpayers’ contribution.

Source: Refugee Resettlement Watch

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