Somewhere buried beneath all the rubble of my sarcasm & satire I am actually a fairly serious person....I don't profess to have the knowledge or the wisdom to solve the Worlds Problems...It's all I can do to get through the minutia of my own issues & problems....Allow me to say this though; I don't think at this time in my life I NEED to HEAR some self-righteous Politician or even a Over-Paid Pompous Television Evangelist much less a T.V. Commentator to Tell Me how to Live My LIFE...Or how the WORLD should live their LIVES.....I have news for them ....This is Not a Over-Paid, Over-Hyped or Over-Blown HARVARD Academic STUDY....Where Theory is Espoused as TRUTH....B.S.
 For whatever it Worth I get all the Inspiration I need From my Fellow-man, their walks & trials have meaning & relevance....All the rest of this is crap from Over-Paid Babbling Idiots....I made it to this point & age of my LIFE because I have a Family & a Family of Friends who Believed in me & loved me...FOR WHAT I WAS....I made it HERE to this Threshold Despite of Government Meddling into every damn thing we do....As far as I am concerned this GOVERNMENT is the ENEMY of the People....And Saviors or Messiah's, give me a break....not hardly...
So until the Moment comes that this COMMUNIST POLICE STATE kicks in my door, I will continue to call them what they are....They are Parasitical SCUM....And that list also includes all the MUSLIM EXCREMENT in this Land...I don't want that RANCID Smell anywhere around me...
Until then I have My God, My Family & My Friends....I don't think anything else counts....

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