The Scariest Words In All Existence

UNDERSTAND. It is imperative to stop and examine your choices from time to time.  It is easy to take a certain path and become routine in your actions and words and choices without realizing that path is leading you to a "place" you would have never gone to in your "first steps." 

Usually, choices produce consequences whether they are individual decisions or those you support in groups you belong to. If you do not stop occasionally and objectively examine the results and outcomes of your choices, you can be blinded or unaware of the negative results that may have occurred. Questions should be put to yourself periodically to assess the path your choices have taken. Has it hurt anyone? Did it produce what I intended it to produce? Does it remain relevant to my values and convictions? Have others involved changed the path of what I initially thought I was assisting or supporting? 

Without this personal attention and evaluation, you could be aiding and contributing to people, issues and hurtful results that you never intended to happen from your initial decision.  Choices have ripple effects, and it is so important to stop and "go see" what "shores" your choices have landed on. In between you and the "shore" are often others who become involved and change the course of the current you initially set out with from the outcomes you wanted to occur. 

Perhaps you have examined the results of your choices, and you see the changes happening that are hurting people or aiding in harmful consequences.  You see it, but you ignore it.  Perhaps you see it but have too much pride to admit you made the wrong choice.  You care more about how others view you than others being hurt by your choices. Then you care more about your own self than you do for others. You've substituted self-righteousness over the well-being of others.

You may make excuses now to yourself or to others, or offer up good sounding arguments for your choices, BUT WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT WHAT YOU SUPPORT, WHO YOU SUPPORT, YOUR CHOICES, YOUR WORDS, YOUR ACTIONS AND YOUR CHOICE WHEN YOU SEE PEOPLE ARE HURTING FROM YOUR EARLIER DECISIONS? What does God think when he knows you are aware of the hurtful and negative results of your choices, and you choose to ignore them? God knows your heart, inside out and upside down.... and through and through. You can not hide your heart from God. Your true motives for your decisions are crystal clear to God. 

One day, Jesus is returning and making eternal choices concerning you. You may have convinced yourself that compromise is acceptable in today's world....that your choices now are better made for your own benefit and/or that you know better what is best today.....that all the "good" things you do will cover up the choices you make that lead to hurt and harm to others....  but what you have done is take the "flavor of the salt" God called you to be and removed it.  In Luke 14:34-35, Jesus says, "Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is neither for the soil nor for the manure pile; it is thrown out. He who has ears to hear, let him hear."  Many Christians choose to blend into the world becoming worthless to the kingdom of God. 

Make it your priority to examine your choices and decisions today. If you discover wayward choices that do not align with the Word of God, repair and stop your godless ways and words and choices and return to the Way, the Truth and the Life offered by your Heavenly Father by his Son, Jesus Christ, who gave up his life to atone for your sins. This is the most important choice you will make in this world.  Choose Christ above all and all things.

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