by Jane Redmond

Remember the Pharisees...... they created their "own way." Added rules. Changed it all up. Thought their "new age" decrees were enlightening, but ole Satan had them, didn't he? Made them think they knew more what was right than God knew. Made them elevate themselves in their own minds and shut out the Holy God of the Kingdom.

This is what happens when the solid Rock is chiseled away and "formed" into a different "creature." The creature is the creation of false teachings, etched by godless "sellers" who since the beginning of time let Satan have their hearts and minds..... and tongues, and do the work of trapping into deception... calling bad "good," and good "bad."

God told us in the last days we will see this. Whether Jesus will come soon or whether the last days of this time means another "wiping out," I don't know. But I know God is working, and God knows more than these or me or you.

People are being given CLEAR CHOICES to make today, aren't they? It is blatant, in your face acts and works that go against what God says in His Word. There is NO CONFUSION in HIS MESSAGE. Americans have a choice..... follow God or the godless.... be blessed or condemned. Believe in God or make men and women idols who are today's changers, selling their wares like the Pharisees to a people. America's "pharisees" come out in plain sight. God knows you see and hear them. Now, YOU choose who to follow.....Satan and his taken or rebuke the name of the God of Heaven's Armies and His Son Jesus Christ.

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