As many of you do I often find myself asking a very simple question; if Barry, Liberalism, Socialism & this emerging Police State full of Political Correctness rule,is the Answer, then WHAT was our PROBLEM.....
Were we too prosperous, did we have & enjoy too many material things?
Was it that we had been the leader of the World too long & needed to show our weaknesses? To a point of FAILURE?

Was it because we didn't have enough Parasites living off of Welfare?
Was it because ONCE UPON A TIME..we had a war over Slavery....So we needed More RACISM?

Was it because we were so ashamed of our Christianity, that we cower to MUSLIMS & ATHEISTS?

Was it because we once had Freedom of Speech, we can't speak our minds or Pray in Public any longer?

Was it because our Schools & Teacher were once amongst the BEST , we now are amongst the worst ?

Was it because too many of us was willing to Work & Educate ourselves to be the Best we could be, that Failure & Mediocrity are accepted & encouraged?
Was it because we once enjoyed a Free Press, that now we have one that is not only told what to say, but STAGES False Realities...
Was it because we defeated HITLER & MARXISM, our Guilt led us to Allow our Government to fall into the same Abyss & Chasm of Corruption....
Was is because we were so ashamed of our Hero's that we came to Idolize Pathogens Perverts & Parasites like SAUL ALINSKY ? His only real claim to fame was a plagiarized work called, "Rules For Radical" from the Writings of Lenin, Marx.....AKA , "The Communist Manifesto?"

What was so Wrong with that imperfect Path? Did we just Throw in the Towel ? Did we just Give Up & Accept DEFEAT ? Did we become Suicidal & Self Destructive? Why are we allowing ourselves to be led into a Certain DEATH? I don't understand anymore.....Is this a new version or type of ,"Stockholm Syndrome?.....I can't explain it in Logical Terms....So until then I sit here ," PONDERING THIS ALTERNATE REALITY "!!!!

 BTW is there one thing in AMERICA that is better today than it was when REAGAN was POTUS...let alone when we were KIDS....NOTHING..IMO ...Is PROGRESS having a MUSLIM DICTATOR ?

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