Last night's Democratic debate Sickening !

by David Dodt

Last nights debate was a long infomercial. All candidates promised a laundry list of free stuff. No on mentioned the national debt. No one was interested in the Veterans problems. If you want a free education, paid for by the government put on the uniform and stand post, like I did. No one explained the difference between a socialist and a democrat. There was no real difference between Sanders and Hillary. There was no difference in what Obama has been doing and what Hillary would do.
Sanders , for his age, is a throwback to a failed idea of non -intervention and withdrawal from the world stage. It didn't work on Dec. 7, 1941 and it won't work now.
Hillary smiled and laughed through the whole debate. Benghazi was just a Republican witch hunt, not worthy of discussion.
With the exception of Sanders all the other male candidates were sticks of wood.

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