by Daniel Greenfield

Guns stop murderers. Border fences keep out invaders. The real world doesn't work anything like the left's imaginary world is supposed to. 

Hungary's border fencing is up. It was built as a rush job by mobilizing the military, using convicts and people on welfare. It's the kind of project that made lefties clutch their pearls. And it worked.
Only 41 asylum seekers entered Hungary yesterday, and all of them came from the Serbian border, as the Croatia border fencing apparently prevented any asylum seekers from entering, officials said.
Hungary closed its border with Croatia as of midnight Saturday morning in an effort to prevent refugees from passing through the country. Only last week, thousands of refugees were said to be coming into Hungary from Croatia, but the new fencing and border patrols appear to have effectively stopped them from going through this country on their way west.
 Currently, as both the Serbian and Croatian borders are fenced off, the majority of refugees apparently have been bypassing Hungary on their way towards Austria, and go through Slovenia instead.
Of course, since Germany and Turkey made this mess, it just shifts the flow to those countries that haven't secured their borders.
Thousands of refugees and migrants were stranded in Serbia on Monday after Hungary sealed off a border for the second time this year.
Hungary has constructed razor-wire fences along its borders with Serbia and Croatia to prevent the entry of people who have fled their homes in the Middle East and Africa and entered Central Europe in record numbers. The fence along the border with Serbia went up in September, leading migrants and refugees to turn to Croatia to continue their journey northward. The barrier along the Croatian border went into effect early Saturday.
The latest closure has forced refugees west; on Saturday, 5,000 people entered Slovenia, which says it will accept 2,500 refugees per day. The closure has also created a huge bottleneck along Serbia’s border with Croatia.
There's the usual "poor refugee" propaganda here. The refugees are burning shoes to start fires. Genuinely poor people don't use shoes as kindling. But we're expected to gloss over that and their casual violence.
Groups of migrants fought with each other in the morning, aid workers said, after a night spent under open skies, lashed by autumn wind and rain.
"Open the gate, open the gate!" they chanted, their passage barred by lines of Croatian police who erected an improvised fence to ration access.
Angry and over-stretched, Croatian police lashed out at journalists on the Berkasovo-Bapska border crossing, hitting a Reuters cameraman and threatening to smash his camera and assaulting and seizing equipment from at least one agency photographer.
Good for the Croatian police. Hitting a Reuters cameraman deserves a Nobel peace prize nomination. At the least.

Of course all of this dysfunction would end if a border fence backed by real security went up.

The Czech Republic is dispatching 50 police officers to Hungary to help contain the influx of migrants in Europe's visa-free Schengen zone.
The Interior Ministry said Monday's decision comes at the Hungarian request. The officers will be deployed alongside their Hungarian colleagues on the border with Serbia by the end of October and should stay until Dec. 15.
The Czechs already sent 20 soldiers to Hungary last week and said they were ready to deploy up to 100 if needed.
Poland and Slovakia also are contributing officers to help Hungary contain the influx of refugees.
It's a start. Because when the migrants set up shop, with the aid agency vultures swarming around them, then you end up needing real troops.
The mayor of the northern French city of Calais says troops may be needed to cope with the rising number of migrants camped in her city in hopes of reaching a better life in Britain.
Connected to England by a train tunnel, Calais has been seen as a jumping off point for migrants for years. But Mayor Natacha Bouchart says the population of the shanty camps near the French terminal has doubled to about 6,000 in recent weeks. Bouchart told RMC radio Monday that lawlessness in the camps was untenable and said she was speaking with France's top security official about the situation.
Now multiple that 6,000 and keep multiplying and you can see where we're headed as every country gets its own "Palestinian" refugee camp.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Source: Frontpage Mag

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