You have an enemy.... the prince of darkness of this world.....he never stops his "work" of destruction for you and your life. You must ALWAYS be on guard. You must know the Word of God and be filled with the Holy Spirit and discernment to recognize and rebuke his temptations and lies. And he uses anyone he can bring before you or any words that can reach your ears, or any emotional issue that can trap you to take you into his dark world. SATAN KNOWS EVERY SINGLE VULNERABILITY YOU HAVE AND TARGETS EACH ONE.

If you do not continually remain in the Word and fill yourself with the full armor of God, Satan can inject his lies and deceit into your heart and mind and take you into the world of lies... lies that he can then convince you are "right and good," and you will even go so deep as to fight for those lies he infused into your soul. You will even attack those who in love seek to bring you out of the darkness with God's Word and Way.

Satan is a powerful, cunning enemy of your soul. He he is relentless to steal you away from God before Jesus returns. That is all he can do for even Satan knows Jesus is real and returning at any moment.

America has elevated his evil soldiers into positions of power throughout our land. He is rabid now in his destruction of souls. God's children must be vigilant in their faith, in exposing evil, and standing firm on the truth and promises of God. Regardless of the mocking, cursing, and hate that will be returned by many, we are to wear their attacks as a badge of honor for the Lord Jesus Christ. In love, we march as Christian soldiers to honor and glorify our God of Heaven's Armies and for our fellow man, lost in darkness. Let us pray that God, in His love and mercy, will open their eyes and ears to receive His truths. May God pierce through the veil Satan has placed over their hearts and minds, rip it apart, and may the Light of God fill them with the Holy Spirit, now and for eternity.

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