Veterans Administration :

A time to rethink how our government services our Veterans who give their all for us the American people  

What the next president should do concerning our veterans , is to shut down the Veterans Administration and all of those people working in that organization.
All the monies that are being paid in salaries and benefits to these people, should be immediately redirected into a fund, for our veterans, and this fund should be used as an insurance so that the veterans can go to any hospital anywhere in the country and get the best medical service that they need and deserve ! These funds should also be untouchable by any government agency, and cannot be redirected into any other government agency, and protected by theft from the federal government.
There would be enough savings from getting rid of the political parasites in the Veterans Administration to give our veterans the care that they deserve and need, there are too many political parasites in government, and they are killing our veterans and our citizens for their own survival !!!

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