by Robby Bowling

If you were going to save a Friend from Drowning, or Keep them from sinking into a COMA; what would you do? Using the US Marines cliche I think you'd start with a "FEW GOOD MEN!" Here is the PARADOX....just where in the hell do you find such a CRITTER in this SEPTIC TANK, Turd Factory called WASHINGTON DC?

We wonder, we ponder, we think & yet FEW KNOW what's really going on here....Step by step, one drop of blood after another, through blindness & the now NON-ABILITY to Rationally & Constructively understand that the Solutions to AMERICA Problems,has killed America,...AND THE REAL SOLUTIONS WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER come from the Brain trust of the Collective Political System as it is today.....Corruption is the AMERICAN CANCER.....And you think we can FIX This???? HA, HA, HA! What hell are you drinking or smoking ?

When those you ELECT to give you Guidance, Direction & a Clear Vision of the FUTURE believe in NOTHING, you will CERTAINLY Get Nothing in Return....Liberalism has Produced a Dogma, a Belief and the Pseudo-Argument that EVERY Damn thing that Wrong in this World is AMERICA'S Fault....I guess it was America's sins that brought God to FLOOD the World...I guess it was America's Fault , we had Sodom & Gomorrah...It was America that created Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini....That same logic applies to Slavery, Racism, Poverty and all other forms of-Antisemitism ....

The People that Actually control us believe in nothing but their own collective Narcissism... They Don't Believe in God or at least the one I believe in....They don't believe in hard work....They have no Values or Morals.....They are Liars, Cheats, Extortionists, Cons, Embezzlers & Perverts....You want me to spell it out....Fags in Drag....Pedophiles & they have Taken SIDES with the MUSLIMS of the World, to reduce the Would Population of Christians & Jews....

So let me ask you this Question: Do you Honestly think that One Election , with the Cancerous Corruption Washington has RIGHT So let me ask you this Question: Do you Honestly think that One Election , with the Cancerous Corruption Washington can RIGHT THE GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP

With that that thought in mind you see how the Educated Moronic Idiots would think....KILL THE BEAST....The Beast is the AMERICAN SPIRIT....And the World would be FREE, FREE, FREE....to do what? Take ORDERS & Comply?.... Hitler & Obama....Same thing....same result.....Clinton or BUSH same thing...dead is dead is dead....

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