Obama's Master Plan:

Because No President Could Be This Bad By Accident!

What Has America Accomplished After Two-Terms Of A Barack Obama Presidency?

The Exponential Growth of ISIS And Related Terrorist Organizations,
The Iran Nuclear Deal,
The Middle East In Shambles,
The Syrian Refugee Crisis,
Resumption Of The Cold War With Russia,
The Intentional Collapsing Of Iraq,
The Breakdown In Relations With Our Friends While Fostering New Relationships With Our Enemies,
An Open US/Mexico Border Through Which The Real Potential Exists That Terrorists Have Already Entered The Country,
The Gutting Of The US Military,
The Minimization Or Complete Ignoring Of ISIS Atrocities,
Splintering Of The United States Along Racial Lines And The Fostering Of A Hatred And Distrust Of Cops Culminating in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement,
Expansion Of US Debt To The Point Of Choking The Global Economy While Said Debt Has Done Little To Greatly Improve The US economy,
The Complete Degradation Of Our System Of Government and so on and so on! 

If one was to take a step back and objectively examine where the world finds itself today after only two-terms of an Obama presidency, logical thinking would say that all of this must in some way have been planned!

That the possibility at least exists that Barack Obama is the Manchurian President who has systematically and methodically tried to bring the US to its knees and now, with tens of thousands of non-vetted Syrian refugees about to arrive here, may be getting closer to his endgame!

Is this just paranoia, the ranting of a madman or conspiracy theory nonsense?

Perhaps, but if you honestly take Barack Obama's full body of work as President into account and consider for one second that no one can be so consistently wrong in every single decision that he has made, you too might start to wonder!

Remember that even a broken clock is right two times a day and yet this President has basically been wrong every step of the way for over six years!

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