Obama, Russia, Islam And The NWO

The brief articles below reflect what many believe, that Obama adheres to no religious conviction. 

Although he appears to favor Muslims over Christians, he is simply using Islam to "weaken and degrade" Western culture as a set up for Globalist domination. Average Muslims and Marxist/Communists are undoubtedly unaware that they are merely pawns in the Globalist drive toward a single world government dictated by the UN via Agenda 21.

All nations are governed by the elites, and America is no exception. The electorate was fooled by the color of Obama's skin into thinking that they were putting a man who really cared about this nation into the Oval Office. The warning signs were there during the primaries, but the emotionally needy chose not to listen.

Is Obama a Muslim Or A Spear Head For The NWO?
I do not believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, nor do I think he is a Christian, nor do I think it matters, because he is not motivated by any religious belief, but by a secular ideology.
All of his convictions and actions can be explained by a single supposition.
Obama is dedicated to the subversion of Western, in particular White European, Judeo-Christian-based democracy.
In the world today, the two strongest forces opposing Western, Judeo-Christian democracy are radical Islam and Marxism in its current manifestations.
The proponents of radical Islam and Marxism have a shared hatred of the United States as the embodiment of evil and the main impediment to the subjugation of the individual by either Sharia or the state.
In that respect, Obama's modus operandi can be considered Islamo-Marxist by embracing their methods that, he thinks, can effectively undermine American culture and weaken the ability to transmit to future generations the principles upon which the United States was founded, in order to pave the way for a new political order, his so-called fundamental transformation. continue
Source: Family Security Matters
Another Marxist/Communist Islamic Alliance?
OPEC, Russia And The New World Order Emerging  by F. William Engdahl 
By the day it’s becoming clearer that what I have recently been saying in my writings is coming to be. The OPEC oil-producing states of the Middle East, including Iran, through the skillful mediation of Russia, are carefully laying the foundations for a truly new world order. The first step in testing this will be if they collectively succeed in eliminating the threat to Syria of the Islamic State, and prepare the basis for serious, non-manipulated elections there.
For much of my adult life I have been fascinated by the enormous energy inside our Earth and how in fact the Earth moves as almost a living organism. Most fascinating I find is tectonic motion and their connection to earthquakes and volcanoes. Not the human destruction they sometimes cause but the sheer energy. Tectonic motion involves the huge plates that our Earth is divided into which are in constant micro-motion. At critical junctures which Earth science or geophysics has yet to be able to predict far ahead, the motion of those tectonic plates cause earthquakes and determine where earthquakes will occur.
In the political, more accurately geo-political sphere, we are now witnessing huge tectonic motion, and destructive it is not. It involves a new attractive force drawing the Middle East OPEC countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran and other Arab OPEC countries, into what will soon become obvious as a strategic partnership with the Russian Federation. It transcends the huge religious divides today between Sunni Wahhabism, Sufi, Shi’ism, Orthodox Christianity.
That tectonic motion will soon cause a political earthquake that well might save the planet from extinction by the endless wars the Pentagon and their string pullers on Wall Street and the military industrial complex and the loveless oligarchs who own them seem to have as their only strategy today.
Russia in OPEC?  continue
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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First appeared:http://journal-neo.org/2015/09/16/opec-russia-and-the-emerging-new-world-order-emerging/

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