A Letter To Fellow Americans and Patriots

To my Fellow Americans

the citizens of the United States of America have lost all faith in our government, and I believe we can no longer afford to support this current president and his administration Any longer .

We need to as soon as possible accelerate election process within the next couple weeks, this president has led the United States down a path of mistrust and destruction, not only within the United States but around the world, he is led to the destabilization of many countries, including our own.

Our members of the military, our members a law enforcement this is your time in history to step up, everybody in United States of America, every citizen, every member of the military and every member of law enforcement across this country lives and families lives are being jeopardized by the politics of this president and his administration and his party.

The people who are entrusted to protect the people of the United States are counting on you.

United States of America is running out of time, such as the members of law enforcement and the military is time to take action, you need to save this country this Republic, from the failure and the corruption of this current administration, you we the people of the United States of America may never get another chance, time is of the essence this chess game is almost played out.
I only know of two Elected politicians who are trying to protect our country, one is Ted Cruz, and the other is Trey Gowdy .

They would make a perfect temporary president and vice president, until we can have official elections.

          Bill Sharpe       

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