by Robby Bowling

In today's World the only Game In Town is the old, "Scorched Earth Policy"....create all the Chaos & Anarchy you can....In other words BURN IT ALL DOWN...at any cost.

Let's get real here we haven't lost a war because of Bloodshed. This WAR was fought with Rhetoric & we LOST. Ask yourself this , who Controls the Narrative, the Message,  the Optics, the Illusions that CREATE our Fears.

What comes to your mind when you hear the words; Husband, Wife, Aunt, Uncle, Boy or Girl??? GENDER & these words & their meaning are leaving the National Landscape, soon to be Forgotten & dismissed FOREVER. And now I suppose as well as having a Lobotomy overnight our Tongues have been severed.

Think about it, to describe something or someone is Apparently a form of discrimination, and with that type of Group Think it's then Perfectly all right or justified to discriminate,  pay back, hurt, hate and even MURDER for PAST SINS---imaginary or not.

Where do you STOP this Logic or downward spiral into the Zombie Wasteland.

Is the # 1 an attempt to defile, shame, embarrass and Point the Finger at the # 2, #3. #4 or God knows #9.

Communications used to be considered an "Art Form". We used it to describe everything--how we Love, Laugh, Play, Learn, Teach, Feel & Understand and yes, it also describes our Fears & Doubts that can translate into real moments of HATE

So with that as a thought If I Can't USE Deceptive words or verbiage for Rhetorical License. how are we to move on? Are we all now Mind Readers & Savants ? Or maybe this is all about Keeping us STUPID, Divided, & full of Fear,

If words have no meaning, we are doomed by our inherent BLINDNESS to TRUTH.  No Colors, No Numbers, No Rich, No Names,  No Light, No Dark, No Gender, No Animal Species, No Hot , No Cold and NO MEANING or REASON.

Sounds like a perfect Description for HELL--Oh Wait, this is supposed to be LIBERAL UTOPIA. But I Have No Words left to Describe it. They no longer have any meaning----DAMN!

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