by Robby Bowling

I've come to the conclusion that as far as these so-called fair elections go...we'd be a hell of a lot better off going to Vegas for that week....Come on now , let's be honest is simply nothing but a Crap-Shoot....Why don't we just have a Lottery or play "Roulette".....come to think of it "Russian Roulette" describes it perfectly & Succinctly..

There was a time when men , flaws and all tried to do what was right.....They tried to do what they thought were thoughtful solutions to a problem & FAILED....but at least the Effort for the most part was honest......Failure is not the WORST thing in the World.."IF" have the ability to learn , grow & later Prosper from your mistakes.....

Well I hate to be the bearer of Bad News here....those types of men with POWER are DEAD & GONE.....or soon will be...Politics has evolved into the ART OF THE LIE....The Politicians essentially own the MEDIA & the COURTS ...NO ONE of any Substance, Position or with any Power or Real Influence is EVER Held accountable for SQUAT..... Now don't get me wrong on a RARE Occasion they throw the Public Stupid a Bone to devour....but really now this is all Optics, Stage Crafted & Scripted for DRAMA & EFFECT....but they sell the same old Slimy Wines in new Bottles....but the reality is it all Horse Urine or worse....

Out of all of Suitors we have running for POTUS there aren't but a COUPLE who have the Convection to change AMERICA'S Course....And while you might argue most any of them would be better than the 'Immaculate Faggot" BARRY....Whoopee...what does that do....commute a DEATH SENTENCE to LIFE in PRISON without PAROLE..I'd rater be DEAD....Just remember WHO'S running the SHOW....The GAME & the ILLUSIONS....This is a Circus Act Vegas Style...but deadly & THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS.....UNLESS?

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