A copy of a reply I wrote back in 2013 in response to a lady concerning the term Parasite or parasitic in relation with those who within society utilise the state welfare system. I do apologise for being a lengthily draft, I do however believe it to be conveying or addressing a very important point.

Darius Radmanesh

July 2013


Dear Liz..First I want to say that I have taken part in this discussion much longer then I would care....However I am compelled to do so simply on the bases of which I have already explained...That I from a sense of duty so to try and inform my fellow countrymen and women of the pending doom which hovers over their heads....On that note I will however make one final point on your last comment...All that you say is good and well...Only you Ma;am, and our friend Mr. Tagoota, do not seem to grasp the point which I am trying to convey here....I do not deny that there are certain ( Criminal ) elements not ( Parasitic ) elements within our society who abuse or misuse the welfare system..I am not denying this....But what I am saying is that we must be very careful in not to element the human element with conception to the people in question....By that I mean we must not forget...That no matter their crime...They are nevertheless still human beings and therefore in accordance with our countries founding document entitled to the same rights and protection offered by that document just as much as a individual who is innocent...Because ultimately our founding document was drafted so to protect the sanctity or the importance of the rights of every human being regardless of his or her crime...But throughout our countries Constitution the human element is always very much present and thus enforced....I am of course now making reference to the leftest term ( Parasite ) or ( Parasitic ) which has been injected in to the Psyche of our society especially in the recent past few years....

Whereby the term is more and more being used indiscriminately so to describe anyone and everyone who is on welfare or is receiving any form of government assistance or benefits etc....And not looking at the matter on a individual bases.....It simply generalises everyone who utilises government handouts as ( Parasitic )...Period...But what you and many others in America, fail to understand dear Liz, is that all terms or words which are conjured by the left....Are in effect words which contrary to there face value or appearance harbor and forward a much more sinister objective and end....Words such as, and I have already mentioned these previously...Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Political correctness and islamophobia etc....And yes Patriotic as well.....All of these terms are explicitly products of the left Ma'am, and nothing...Nothing which is produced by that entity is good!..Nothing!...Because as I have said....Any thing which is in any capacity whatsoever produced from that body is done so so to forward and bring about a specific agenda or objective..No exceptions...Now if you were to look through out modern history...At least since the founding of the decadent and vial ideology of Marxism...You will find dear Liz, that not other entity rather it be political, religious or social has ever used the term ( Parasitic ) with connection to any segment of society other then the ( MARXISTS/SOCIALISTS )...

Now dose this not tell you something??...Such language or wording was not even used by any of our Founding fathers in relation with the British tyranny which we had been subjected to, nor in any other capacity??.....You see Liz, my point here Ma'am....Such a term has and is one which is used by ( TYRANTS! )...And once again I have already used the following examples before...The Iranian regime against the Baha'i/Jewish/Christian and Zoroaster people....Hitler against the Jews...ISIS against the Yazidi and all other minority people in Iraq....The Khmer Rouge, in Cambodia, against all intellectuals and the educated and so on and so on.....And as we have seen...In all mentioned examples the ultimate end has always led to the pain, suffering and even mass butchery of millions of human beings.....And why???...Simply because in all such cases, the victims at first weir also as we see taking place in America today...A section or portion of society weir referred to as ( Parasitic ) and thus deemed as subhuman etc....And the result??...Well...We all know what that has entailed??....Now lets just say for the sake of argument I agree with you and say...Ok...yes all such people are parasites...and that they rob the system and are a burden upon our society..And lets say that everyone in America, succumbs to this perception...Now what??...So what are we then to do with this ( Parasitic ) element??...

I mean its all very good to point to the problem dear Liz...But when one dose so, he or she must also present a solution as well...So yes...Lets say that all of these people in question are in effect parasites...Now what are we to do with them??...I mean we are not talking only about lets say 1000-10000 or even 100000 people ether Liz, we are talking about several million individuals..Men/women and even children and infants etc...Elderly, handicapped, disables, Homeless and so on and so on...So then what are we to do with the ( Parasitic elements )??..You see Liz, what I am saying??....Once this term is accepted within our society as a proper means so to describe those who do not work??..Then nothing will be able to stop the inevitable implications or the horror which such a mindset will entail....I know that you wil probably say...Well...I dont mean that everyone who receives welfare is parasitic, only those who dont deserve it etc...But what you fail to comprehend Liz, is that it wont be down to you or I, so to determine who is and is not to be classified as Parasitic....But rather it will be the state who will decide Liz.....And yes I will say this again...Just as did Hitlers NAZI regime in connection with not only political dissidents, the elderly, the handicapped, the disabled and more importantly...the Jews!...All of which had been referred to as ( PARASITIC ELEMENTS )....

Ask your self this one fundamental question Liz.....Why is it that our government has spent Billions upon Billions of Dollars, in building FEMA Camps across the United states???...Whereby each compound has the ability to hold several thousands of individuals???....Equipped with some of the most highteck surveillance and security systems??...Not to mention high walls with Electrical/Barbed and Razor wires??....Also in addition with a total combined number of Millions of Coffins??...Not to mention also large number of specially designed and build large train carts capable of holding hundreds of people ate a time fixed and equipped with shackles and chains???....Dose not any of this make you think Liz, and wonder as to what the intent behind such measures might be???...I for one when I see such things manifesting...Cannot but help to reflect back to this very same project initiated by Hitlers NAZI regime not long before the beginning of the mass persecution and ultimately the extermination of the Jews!....I would also like to mention to you Liz, that I have also first hand bared witness to such horrors first hand...In how certain language is implemented in to society via various media and social net works and other means referring to certain people within society as ( Parasites ) or ( being parasitic )....Then leading to the mass ridicule and ultimately the persecution of the people in question by the state....I first hand saw how back in 1979 the newly established Islamic state in Iran, on the behest of Ayatollah Khomeini began referring to various sects or groups of people within society as ( Parasitic elements ) mainly the Bahai religious sect...The following is a quotation or statement made by the father and leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran who in 1979, made the following proclamation to this effect, which I personally watched on Television:

Khomeini to the clerics in Yazd, warning them about:

"The perverse Bahá'í sect": "You must be alert to the fact that many important posts are filled by the [members of Baha'i] this sect ( Parasites ) It is imperative for the clerics to inform other strata [of society] so that we can prevent them when the time comes."

-Ayatollah Khomeini ( Father and leader of the Iranian 1979 Islamic revolution )

Under Hitlers NAZI regime, this exact same tactic was also utilised against the innocent Jewish people. The propaganda periodical Der Stürmer promoted A textbook written by Elvira Bauer in 1936, entitled Trust no Fox on the Green Heath and No Jew Upon his Oath, was designed to show Germans that the Jews could not be trusted. It portrayed the Jews as inferior, untrustworthy and ( PARASITIC ).

Then I saw how not long after such measures where put in to place....They began the persecution of the Baha'i on a mass scale across the country...Whereby first their children weir forced from attending any school at any level...then, they weir expelled from working in any industry or business within Iran...Then they weir forbidden from entering any Hospital or health care facility...Then they weir prohibited from entering any stores or markets in the country...The finally ultimately they began the mass rounding up of all people who practiced the Baha'i faith...In which case large numbers weir either imprisoned and then executed or they weir immediately take out of city limits and shot...Men, women and children...Then buried in a mass grave and left in the dessert....Also in 1980, a number of young women one in particular who was no more the 16 years of age weir taken in to the city square and hanged..Why??...Simply because they weir all...Baha'i, and thus weir deemed as ( PARASITES! ).....In one incident...A group of people ( Civilians ) not members of the Iranian guard...Broke in to a home owned by a young Baha'i couple...After beheading the husband and wife...they then took their 6 month old baby, and pored hot scorching water from a kettle down its throat!...While the who time chanting ( Death to the parasites! ).....I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that the Islamic revolution in Iran....Was by no means a religious endeavour...But rather it was a Socialist one, hence the usage of the term ( PARASITE or PARASITIC ) by the current Mullah regime.....

Just as was used by Marx, Trotsky, Margaret Sanger, and in more recent times by a well know Socialist/Marxist Jason Reads, who is also the Author of the book '' Towards A New Socialism '' who only recently gave a lecture at a University in Seattle Washington....I also want to mention that all organizers and orchestrator's of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, weir all either members of the notorious Iranian Communist party the ( TUDEH ) or the Mujaheddin-E-Khalq, which weir and still are are today a fanatical/Extremist Marxist entity...I remember all of this Liz, and I saw it all take place before my very own eyes Ma'am....I know that you may think dear Liz, that such horrors can never take place in America etc...But...Think again!...It can and WILL! unless we the people open our eyes to the many realities which are manifesting them selves around us...I ask you dear Liz....lets say twenty or thirty years ago...Would it have been even remotely conceivable that in America....A president would be elected who had strong ties to a Socialist party??/...Who was not born on U.S soil and has very openly declared to be both anti Christian and a ardent supporter of Islam etc. etc.????......Would you have ever believed such a thing would have been possible???...Of course not!...And yet??...Well...HERE WE ARE!...Yes Ma'am....the horrors I have mentioned can and very much WILL! take place even in our land of the free Ma'am, that is if we do not become wise as to what is happening around us...

Now as I have said...I have taken part in this discussion much longer then I had intended Liz..But also as I have pointed out I did so out of my sense of duty...All I can say now Ma'am, is to please think very carefully about what I have said and don't just simply discard it and try to some how trump my point or statement by attempting to have the last word Ma'am...because ultimately dear Liz....This is not about scoring points or having the last word etc...But rather this is about forwarding a common cause in fighting a common foe..Who is and has been for some time bent upon the subjugation, enslavement and ultimately the destruction of our beloved country and our way of life...Just remember this one very important point Ma'am...That when you use the term Parasite or Parasitic with connection to a group of people within society...Without knowing...You are in effect Liz, both contributing and forwarding a Socialist/Marxist initiative and objective....I understand that such term is conveyed as a term used so to imply only to those within society who wrongfully misuse the system or the welfare program...However make no mistake....This is only the exterior ( A falsified exterior ) which they use so to subvertly deceive you in to accepting it, and in fact refers to a much broader and more wider section within society Liz...And its true intent and objective is not disclosed or revealed...But is very much evasive and hidden....On that note I bid you good day Ma'am, and I pray that Al-Mighty God always blesses you and yours in all of your endeavours and may he bestow upon our country always...His love and Grace...AMEN!.

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