No Asylum in America for Yazidis Fleeing ISIS

The obvious question is why are these people not given asylum from the Islamists who continue to butcher and enslave them. 

The UN demands that Western Nations harbor Muslims, many of whom are not actually refugees, but it turns a blind to the miseries of the Yazidis.

This makes no sense. Is there a hidden agenda? What part does Washington D.C. play in this travesty? 

The Clarion Project
Despite the thousands of Yazidis who have been displaced by the Islamic State, only 10 Yazidi families have received asylum in the United States.
Those in America have entered on visas connected to a program for translators who served with American forces during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, according to Yazda, a Yazidi rights organizationbased in America. “None of these families [in U.S.] are related to the crisis” Abid Shamden, who works with Yazda, told Fox News.
“But many are still there” he added. “They are not given any special status. They are all treated as the same. My family has been waiting since 2012 for visas.”
There are an estimated 700,000 Yazidis in the world. Yazidis follow of a unique and ancient faith indigenous to the Middle East. Their religion is a unique blend of Persian Zoroastrianism with influences from Christianity and Islam. They worship Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel, which has led to accusations of devil worship.
Last year, an estimated 40,000 Yazidis were trapped on Mount Sinjar in Iraq without food or water, encircled by Islamic State forces. Many were later rescued after a U.S. bombing campaign, but not before several thousand died.
Around 350,000 Yazidis fled to Iraqi Kurdistan and around 14,000 live in refugee camps in Turkey. Tracking the precise numbers and whereabouts of the refugees is very difficult because of both the scale of the problem and the chaos in the region.
Rev. Majed el-Shafie, the founder of One Free World International, recently returned from a trip to Iraq and spoke with the Clarion Project. El-Shafie interviewed many Yazidi girls who have escaped from sex-slavery in the Islamic State.

He demanded that the U.S. and other countries, including Canada, take in more Yazidi refugees. His organization was involved in the rescue of Yazidi girls through ransoming them from their captors. He stressed that these girls should be “top priority” for asylum.
Frank Wolf, a senior fellow at 21st Century Wilberforce, a non-profit that works to protect religious minorities in the Middle East told Fox, “What we are seeing, in real time, is genocide.”

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