Is Hillary above the Law?

The answer to the question posed in the title of this piece would appear to be yes. It is difficult to believe that nobody in either the State Department or the White House knew about her private server. 

On the face of it, apparently, she and the department she was in charge of were just as lawless as was her boss. Indeed, one could argue that he set the standards.

The violation of the rules regarding official business had to be apparent to the point that one would almost think that there was collusion between Hillary and Obama in doing so. Hmm

After all, they had many secrets to conceal--the truth about Benghazi being the most notable. Both she and her superior have done more damage to this nation that can even be imaginable. 

Perhaps the endgame is to weaken us so that we may be more easily assimilated into the  globalist collective. 

Have we reached the point where resistance is futile? Or, has the email scandal left the Borg Queen vulnerable and in danger of being deactivated.

Hillary Clinton is in trouble. Or more accurately put, she should be in trouble — very big trouble, in fact. The latest from the Department of Justice is that, yes, they have seized Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server and an accompanying thumb drive. The FBI has reportedly confiscated copies of the same e-mails from Hillary’s lawyer because it deemed the information contained in them too sensitive for him to keep. 

While attempting to defend the indefensible, a Clinton spokesman said that this merely shows that the former secretary of state is cooperating with a “security inquiry.” That pathetic spin was meant to prevent the American people from recognizing there is not just smoke but fire to the Hillary e-mail scandal. 

Too late. Already, the flames are visible. The most damning revelation about Hillary’s e-mails from the last 24 hours is not the details of the investigation into her homebrew server. What’s making headlines across the political spectrum is that some of the material she sent via her personal server was so sensitive that it was designated “Top Secret.” 

This is a jaw-slaps-the-table moment. Even for those of us who hold a very low opinion of Mrs. Clinton’s character, integrity, and judgment, this is a graver offense than many had contemplated. Merely the storage of “Top Secret” e-mails – never mind their dissemination over open channels to some individuals likely not cleared to read them — is a federal felony. On top of that, it is unthinkable that Hillary could have sent such sensitive information and not known at the time that it was sensitive. 

 Buck Sexton is host of “The Buck Sexton Show” on TheBlaze, a CNN political commentator, and a former CIA analyst. 

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